Saturday, December 05, 2009

Because I am narcissist

I was looking for new mirror to add on to my collection and found...What is this thing!?

Apparently, it's Kat Von D limited edition compact mirror ($35) . I am guessing it's the way that Sephora takes the picture...This just look like a huge tombstone (The squiggly "KVD" on the compact might as well be "RIP") shaped cookie stamp...

They also introduced a solid perfume ring. Well, there is a video review of the two products in which they look a lot different than the Sephora picture. There are some details inside that's interesting but I have to say this is definitly not my thing...(Although both of them reminds me of Anna Sui products that have been out for years...)

Like this ring rouge.
Tweezerman also have a limited edition set for the Holiday (for travellers who need to keep their eyebrow in control). I still don't get how this is supposed to look in real life...I saw a funny comment/complain for the mirror.

"The mirror is useless...It's distorted and I can't see myself"

Well, a 10x mirror for plucking eyebrow, how can it not be "distorted"?

Oh, Victoria's Secret also has a compact mirro. Who in the world would actually pay 15 bucks for this...look like you can get them 3 for a dollar in China town. As if the mirror is not enough for awkward looking "cute products"...

Oreo ring rouge?

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