Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bag Raider Pictures from Flickr

One of my favorite type of blog post/forum topics/flikr pictures is What-in-your-purse ones: Not only you get to take a peek into other girls's personal life (not really), you can also see what products have good reputation (For example, Anna Sui mirror, Rohto Lycee eyedrop, Majolica Majorca mascara, Clean & Clear blotting paper appears all the time in pictures of that sort.). A good picture give me good mood and lots of good ideas so here are couple of bag check pictures to check out from Flikr.

I never knew red is so pretty -Lola
She has a Anna Sui cellphone -Anivyl
Jill Stuart Mirror-cute in picture- Fergie
Flowery Makeup Bag Collection - Joanne
Colorful content (what is that "Errr"?)- Loupix
Anna Sui Cupcake-Mad mad skill- Miss Cupcake (Ok, this is off-topic)

P.S. I found a picture of Jill Stuart limited edition mirror (for around 50bucks?), still not interested.


  1. Ah, a ton of cute stuff in her bag! o: I want a blotting compact too, right now the only one I know about is Bobbi Brown's and I think it's too big for my C&C blotting sheets.

    I'm so jealous of her Mimobot too D:

  2. Oh my...that USB drive (I just googled because i have never heard of mimobot)costs 25 dollars for 2GB? I just carry my (not very attractive) USB drive with me...

  3. I love these kind of posts too :)

  4. I like how they all lay it out so neatly... I think they have dslr cameras too... look like something out of a magazine...
    That mirror is not worth 50 bucks! Maybe if it's more attractive... Even then! Geez...

  5. Trisha:
    Maybe you could post about yours as well (wait, I think you did...)

    I checked and she does have that big one, I am kind of jealous of people who owns DSLR because they get to take picture during evening without any blur...(My pictures look like crap when it's just cloudy.) But I have seen people with dslr whose pictures still sucks though...

  6. I think u need a lot of skills for DSLR...
    I want to get one so bad! But then I realized i'll probably need classes to learn using it...


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