Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Toy and Baby Doll

Have you stopped by your local drugstore lately? If you haven't, go now (not literally now) as all the holiday sets are at least half off! I have seen several American brand, celebrity endorsed fragrance gift set for 10-20 bucks! I have never liked any American brand fragrance (while I have sniffed quite a few of them) so those would not apply to me. Anyway, the real excitement are the holiday chocolate packs!
m&m has some of those cutest chocolate tins that you don't usually find in US and I was going crazy when I saw these babies in the drugstore for a dollar a piece (with chocolate inside). They are perfect for stuffing in your opened bag of skittles so it doesn't spill allover your bag.
This little case actually matches my bag (not a good thing as I have green wallet, many green clothes and green sneakers) so I might need to use it with a black bag to avoid looking like an asparagus.

Speaking of fragrance (I never talk about fragrance that much as my nose is quite sensitive to scent and I don't like wearing or smelling perfume. I remember 2-3 years ago I had a quiz in the morning and some helpful soul was showering with something like Britney Spears Curious in the hallway. During the quiz, my nose was running like a faucet and I had to use my left hand to cover up my nose and use right hand to take the quiz...) I do have something I like though.
My mom gave me this YSL baby doll 3 years ago after she received it as a gift (and a woman in her forties maybe too old for something called "Baby Doll" ). The bottle is insanely cute with the pink liquid and golden marking (both faded) and the scent was over the top kind of sweet. I didn't realize how nice YSL until I have gotten several Anna Sui (for the cute bottles)ones. I think there is just something special about French fragrance, they all tend to be I can clearly smell the grapefruit, rose and a bit of wooden notes it has. American ones in another hand tend to be a bit flat and boring.

Anyway, I like to use one spritz of baby doll on my decollete (I don't want other people to smell it)and it usually last until I shower. The lasting power is so much better than Anna Sui!

P.S. Have you ever seen some blogger do a review like (best of whatever) and put a link by the products name. You would think that it links you to the review but it turns out to be a commercial link (like there is a unique adsense number that would let the sponsor know that you entered the site from that specific blog). Embedding/hiding an ad inside a post just wrong and (in my opinion) despicable...


  1. OMG, I need that M&Ms bag thing! Why don't we get stuff like that here?

  2. I think they have that kind of cool candy tins in Asia (and the candy taste super nice as well.) but it only show up in Christmas collections in US.


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