Friday, November 20, 2009

Your turn to vent - What do you hate about my blog?

I have written several venting posts about what I hate to see on other blogs (fishy giveaways, blurry pictures, blog sales, personal life overload, cam whore...) So I wonder, what do you hate about this blog?
(Cheesy line of the day: Your words, like a mirror, would help me see myself.)

Please feel free to voice
your opinion as you can reply anonymously and I don't delete comment unless they contain commercial links.

I kind of have several thing in mind already and I would reply to those in advance.Of course, you can mention them in your comment to place emphasis.

1.Misspelling - I am sorry but I do type fairly quickly so I overlooked many mistakes at times and sometime I just assume it was spelled that way. I never try to sound like a lolcat or a tween in my post like using "cuz", "rly" or "gr8" and I do appreciate if you point out something misspelled.

2.Horrible writing-
Can't help it, I am scatterbrained.

3.Being "brave" to pick on someone but "too chicken" to give name- Well, there are *a lot* of people who try to sell something they get for cheap with an expensive price, narcissist blogger who "pout cutely" in blurry pictures...It's unfair to give name to a few while left out the rest...Those blog all annoys me equally so I don't even want to go back just to link one of the site.


  1. HAHAH you dont delete unless commercial links. hmm i love your blog sadly. your grammar really doesnt bother me. even the being brave/chicken thing doesnt bother me. sometimes i feel like your biased towards certain makeup lines. i wished you liked NYX and milani more xD ! i also get the vibe of you not liking or wanting to conform into whats popular now. i mean i dont want everyone to jump on the bandwagon, but certain products are popular because they are actually good.i know you love funky/bright/glitter colors, but sometimes i feel like your looking down on neutrals.. (because its boring) but i think neutrals are as important as funky=]

    hopefully i don't sound to harsh or criticizing. and all my comments are on assumptions or the "vibe" of what I get when i read your blog. Im a pretty diehard follower of yours, and im not ashamed of what I think, so thats why Im not being anonymous=] OH i hate camwhores too, but because i never see your face except your eye, im very curious of what your face looks like =D

  2. Honestly, I really enjoy your writing style and choice of subject. I find it unique and honest so thumbs up!

    I guess the only thing I could say is that I wish you and I could agree on loving "green" products, but I do see where you're coming from :p

  3. Sharpie United:
    I have separate pictures of my both eyes,lips, chins and a quarter face (to show the target area of my brushes)so maybe you can get someone to merge it. lol. Sometime I don't think there is a need to do a full face because I never do a full look anyway. (When I do my friend ask me to not go out to the public)

    Actually I really hate getting my pictures taken so I always ended up looking pissed in those(I look OK with yearbook ones but I was too cheap to spend the 70 bucks to buy them.) I think it's even more stupid taking picture of myself like all those internet Asian girls are famous of.(Actually not that I am ashamed of being Chinese, but I never ever want to be associate with girls like those.)

  4. Pixie:
    I idea of green is just not using anything. So I like my chemical...

  5. YOU ARE NOT A BAD WRITER!!! love your blog...there's nothing I can bring myself to hate about it!


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