Monday, November 16, 2009

What do you think about blog giveaway?

Now I have a steady (but small) flow of visitors who doesn't mind sharing their views here, I reckon it would be kind of fun that we are having some kind of small discussion here. It would just be a simple question in the form of "What do you think about..."

The topic of this week is giveaways...What do you think about them? (Actually just skip all these and skip to the last paragraph...the first few paragraphs are just random bitching that's I find pointless myself...I have being wondering that ultimate question in the last part of this post for quite a while now...)
(This is DiorKiss lip Gloss in Granny Smith 309, which has nothing to do with the topic. )

As a blog reader, I don't get excited for that many giveaways because

1) The slim chances of actually winning (Ok , I never joined that much anyway). However, I would still attempt (by countting on that o.1% probability) to join the raffle if the price looks tempting enough for me to waste that 10 second of time to type out something.

2) The prize are not that exciting. An used drugstore blusher or a Stila gloss that I already tried 3 of them? No thanks...I will just by my own.

3) I see that while many bloggers use giveaway as a way to say thank you, much more bloggers use it as a lure to pool new readers. There is nothing wrong with that but I personally don't see the point attracting readers with prizes when there is not anything to read.

4) For example, I used to link The Lancome Blog on my blogroll because I wish I can be in the known for those nice giveaways but then I just realized that it's a bit pointless because I am not interested in the actual content of the blog (which consist of 90% giveaways anyway...)

5) Too many string attached. Many blog owners requires you to actully hit the "follow" bottom and become a member of their wall of posse...I personally don't use the functionality at all (I just bookmark) so it seems silly to follow just for a tube of mascara. Another thing is that they ask other people to post the link...Anyway, if your blog has great content and clear pictures (like Yuki's or Arora's) I will link you 100 times and I don't need a thing from you.

6) It's actually part of 5) you know many blogs make a poster and ask you to post it...well, I think my blog is too pretty for your picture.(Yes, I am a stuck-up...I hope you realized it a long time ago)

As a blogger, I don't like the idea of giveaway because
1) I blog for my own entertainment, so I don't "appreciate" my readers with material good. Instead, I think my info-nuggets would help you spend you money more wisely (at least that's what I think.) Anyway, I don't want people to be here simple for the prizes.

2) I am selfish that I never want to buy things for people I don't know. (I know Pixie is a Chem E, Rocketqeen is a MAC artist...but I don't know you guys.) If I have something I bought that I haven't touched, I will ask my friends to take it. (Well, you gotta do something if you periodically raid their fridges and beg them to finishe off your stupid programming assignments...)

Anyway, what about you?
And a random question, have any of you won anything from the giveaways from those super major prominent bloggers (you know who I am talking about) who held giveaways on nice stuff on a weekly basis. I personally have seen post like " I won Fuz's giveaway!" , "I won from Lancome Blog" and "I won (insert unknown blog name here) giveaway!" but I have never seen anybody bragging about winning from the big ones...(And I never seen them annoucning winners on the post.)

I am guessing since they have a huge reader base, the picked winners all happen to be the silent readers...But come on, none of them owns a blog? Am I too suspicious?


  1. Giveaways? Love em! I have never won lotteries, or anything else in my life...but I have won 2 giveaways! :D
    Winning stuff...very exhilirating!
    The way I see it, people only stand to gain from giveaway, and it really has no negative effects on anyone...
    Blog gain exposure, and someone get free's a win-win situation!
    Since it's complete voluntary, only those interested in the prizes will enter. Hey, they can always choose to "de-follow" after if the blog sucks rit?
    As long as posting about the giveaway is optional, I will most likely enter XD...unless I have to answer a lot of questions, then i won't coz I'm too lazy...

  2. Ooooo, the picture just loaded...
    I want that lipgloss! Wonder if it taste like Ganny Smith too...

  3. Daituf:
    It's one of the most disgusting tasting lip gloss I have (it's a tie with DiorKiss Caramel apple).

    I guess it's nothing bad...I think I might be a hypocrite saying I don't like it because I never won any of them. Anyway, sometime I am being over suspicious about some highly commercialized blogs holding so called giveaways but when never really announce the winners on their site...It gets a bit fishy.

  4. hahaha I agree with you on most of those points. I have 2 blogs ( & & only did a giveaway just to get BeautySwatch started. I've hit the 100 & 200 follower milestones but not sure if I should be feeling guilty about not hosting an appreciation giveaway. You're right, not all prizes are that great, but you have to give credit to the people who sometimes have to fork out money to host the giveaway. And the "you have to be a follower / link me" is so annoying!! Having said that, sites like & have lovely sponsored giveaways that only involve commenting.

  5. Akisa:
    I don't think you really *need* to as you are actually providing information to other readers...but if like the fact that they are reading you blog.You like it, they like it, why not?

    I am just a bit anti social so I don't "appreciate" the visitor like those pre-teen girls appreciate Jonas Brothers... I probably don't mind how many people are actually reading this. (In fact, I actually want to IP block a few who ticked me off in the nagging like my mom when they clearly aren't.)

    I guess some people do spend big buck on giveaway, I sometime just don't see the point attracting readers when there is nothing to read.

    Anyway, the main point of this post is not being a bitch (I probably am) by bashing those giveaways, I just needed a bunch of crap written before asking that ultimate question, which might annoy someone if I write it alone:

    "If some of the big blogs actually do giveaway on their's just so weird that they hold those giveaway weekly with hundreds of participate, yet I have *never* heard of anybody say that they won anything from their blog..."

  6. I haven't done a giveaway before, I've put an entry in a few, and I've won one by simply being a follower.

    It seems like its some kind of trend that bloggers should host some kind of giveaway at specific follower markers.. I feel a little pressured because I haven't thought of doing a giveaway as I'm no means an authoritative blogger, I just do it for my enjoyment. D:

    I don't even see how people can afford to give away such expensive items sometimes too, haha. Maybe when I'm not a broke college student, I'll consider it.

  7. recently ive been in giveaway fever! i think its because im anew blogger, so the thought of winning is exciting.. but i do not like it when you have to post and clutter your blog. it doesnt really matter anyways because i too just bookmark the ones i really like. but sadly i have never won. oh mann sounds depressing, but it is fun joining, but a hassle. to mee giveaways are whatever, i dont care if people do em or not, i just think its insane when people giveaway some crazy items.

  8. I have won giveaways in the past but I don't do giveaways that ask me to link the contest or put a photo! I like giving away stuffs if the stuffs i think are worth giving away but of course, I don't require them to repost or even to follow me! I'd rather want people to follow because they like to, I don't want them to follow because I said so! It'll be more insulting to finish the contest then the followrings unfollow because they have nothign to get from your that's adding insult to injury :)

    Nice question post :)

  9. I've never entered any "big" blog contests... What are these big blogs anyway? My idea of a prominent blogger is Fuz...
    I'd like to visit these big blogs tho, just to see what they are...
    Mind giving me their web addresses?
    Oh and thanks for the warning about Dior... I find their product overrated anyway, have only one lipstick from them, and it was a free sephora sample. Not that impressed -__-

  10. Well I'm only new here... and then realised what this whole giveaway thing was about. I have to admit I was excited about entering into my 1st one but then... I just couldn't catch up with it all. When one comes then all the rests starts happening hahahahaah ... Plus I guess the chances for a beginner to win all the stuff is kinda rare LOL. So far I've only entered into 2 giveaways but before all this I was only a reader and I was perfectly fine getting tips off giveaways aren't so appealing to me but I do appreciate the girls for doing it. Because let's face it, it's fun!!!

  11. I've won 2 giveaways so far. I entered around 13 - 15 giveaways. Some of the prizes were sponsored by companies and did not come from bloggers. I don't follow blogs just to enter their contest (*cough* inbox+feed spam *cough*) since the chances of winning is quite slim already.

    I think it's a blogger's business if she/he wants to host a giveaway. Jojoba of mymakeupreviews does not require one to follow her blog to qualify. Her blog entries are extensive and seem pretty non-commercialized too (a lot of lovely rants XD).

    In short, I think blog giveaways are harmless fun.

  12. Giveaways are exciting! although i only enter the ones i'm actually interested in. of course I know many other people like them too so I don't mind posting about it on my blog even if I don't enter.
    i do agree about your comment on suspicious giveaways. i've won a few wonderful giveaways that got to me and 1 or 2 where the prizes got lost. i do believe it probably got mailed etc etc. and on your comment about using it to gain followers. As well as giving away used makeup as prizes which isn't very hygienic.
    anyhow, for me it's nice of people to hold one regardless of the reason. As long as it's not fake because eveyone's happy.

  13. I like giveaways. For a blogger, they are a nice way to give something back to their readers and for the readers it's a good way to try things they wouldn't have bought or aren't available where they live. Not all prizes are great though and I don't like giveaways where you have to be a follower, leave your email address on the comment page for everyone to see or make a post on your blog to qualify. Unless these things are optional, of course, then I'll enter.

    I'm not sure what big blogs you are talking about, but I once won a bunch of stuff from Temptalia. I was very excited. I think people that have big blogs like that prefer to email the winners privately, but I'd rather they announced them on their blogs. Otherwise, it may look fishy, I agree.

  14. Gio:
    Hey, it's nice to know, I actually do mean blog the same sort as Temptalia, but not targeting that site (as I stopped visiting her site because she updates way way way too often and I find it hard to catch up)but it's nice to know that you got all your stuff... Sometime I just wonder whenever big bloggers (not necessarily well known, some of the sites I never visit but they have a high rank and a ton of ads on their sites) are really giving away when

    1.It doesn't look like a sponsored.
    2.They ask people to subscribe (their feed have ad built in)which will make them earn more ad revenue
    3.Sometime the way they pick the winner is not even open, like the reader is required to post the link then e-mail back. So they can say that you didn't win because there are 1000 contestant when there are only 20

    4.They never announce winner...

    Anyway, it's nice to know that one of them is clean...But I still hold my doubts. I mean, does it create that much hassles for them to just add a "Susan B, whose favorite junk food is ice-cream, is the winner!" on their post?

  15. Irene:
    You have really good luck! If I join more giveaways, I might start to win sometime...
    I mean prominent in a sense that it's highly commercialized. I still think Fuz as a person more than just a website. (I am too chicken to give name because I don't want to accuse someone when I don't have a solid proof...and come on, I can't get a solid proof unless I know how to hack.)
    I do think that most personal giveaway have nice intention. That's why I call the first few parts mainly bitching...

  16. Kim:
    Yeah, no poor student would give a bunch of MAC away when we are even too cheap to buy them for ourselves.
    Sharpie United:
    Yeah. I don't like those posting pictures one because they will clutter the site up.
    I definitely agree with you on the follow-and-undo thing, but I guess some of them are counting on some readers being too nice to unfollow. (I just don't want to insult them in the first place saying "the only reason I followed is because of the giveaway."
    It's definitely fun for those who join...(I am just bitter because I don't join many and never won anything...)

    I hope I didn't miss anyone...

  17. I've joined a few in the beginning but then every other blog I went to was announcing a giveaway because they reached 100 followers and it just seemed too redundant. Why the magical 100? Because everyone and their mother was doing it?

    The giveaways that are really annoying is when their requirement for entering is to post why they enjoy their blog. Kinda like saying "Tell me why you find me so attractive"

    I think I know which blog you are talking about and I agree with you. Why are winners never announced? Why do winners never come forward to say hey, yay! I won!?

  18. Hi there:
    Lol, I so agree with you. Sometime I just want to go "your blog sucks but the freebies are nice" They should realized that most of the time when people join, it's for the freebie.

    I have seen another blog poll in which the blogger ask other people "How to do think of my blog" and the options are listed as (OK, I won't get too specific to avoid getting into trouble) Anyway, it's pretty much a/b/c/d/e, each a different way to say "Your blog rock!" like a post saying "What do you think about my face?"


  19. I think I have done two giveaways.. or maybe just one lol. I couldn't give any of my nail stuff away because that would mean admitting how obsessed I am, and I'm trying to keep it cool.

    I think I've actually won a giveaway too! I must admit it was sort of a nice feeling. Lately I haven't really bothered. My blog reading time has been very limited, and a couple of the very popular blogs have started to seem very fake. I bought a couple of products based on recomendations, and I really think they were only recommended because the blogger was afraid of losing their source of freebies.

  20. Pixie:
    I remember your hello kitty giveaway. (And I remember the "tutorial" the other girl did, I seriously didn't get the point but I guess it's a way to say "yay, I won!"

    When it comes to freebie review, I hate the fact that I can't be as sarcastic as I want even when I think it's complete rip-off...sometime it's probably not the source of freebie (at least I never the the stuff I really want)I don't want to be an @$$ when the PR lady sounds perfectly nice,prompt and polite...


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