Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vicky Zhao Pretty in Purple

We all know that purple is one of the (OK, there might be another one that I don't know.) most popular color for fall/winter 2009 and I am sort of collecting purple look that work well on Asian features.

I love this purple look on Vicky Zhao (a Chinese actresses as famous as Fan Bing Bing, just with a much cleaner profile.) Love the purple eyes and creamy peachy lips/cheeks the cream lilac nail color looks sort of nice as well (kind of like my Radiant in Purple anyway, OPI a Grape Fit and Do You lilac it are both pretty close though.) I think her features are a bit masculine (the squarish long face) but it gives a nice contrast to the feminine color. Speaking of masculinity...

She is starring in a new film Mulan (I guess all of you saw that Disney movie and the cheesy sequel?) that's out this November. I think she is a great choice for Mulan (her voice is not high pictched, rat-like or squeaky) and the trailer touched me quite a bit.
This little girl (yes, she is a girl) is playing the young Mulan...


  1. WHATTTTT? That's a girl???
    I saw that movie!!! I never would have suspected him to be a girl!!! Holy...

  2. Haha CJ7! I knew she was a girl, my parents kept telling me about the whole reason behind why they cast a girl to play a boy...anyway, it was an interesting movie, are you Cantonese btw?

  3. Daituf:
    I read about the whole casting story (how Stephen wasn't able to find the right boy...then he was light," I would just go for a girl then." ) before watching the moving...

    Anyway, there were 3-4 transvestites/cross dressing actor/actresses in the whole film anyway...

    I grew up over there (since I was 2) and then moved to Toronto (which are still sort of Cantonese speaking) but my parents and I are all from slightly more Northern areas.

  4. That's a girl??? OMG! @.@ Hehe I missed reading your blog Citrine! They make me laugh always. <3 Happy holidays to you too!!!

  5. i'm in the purple moood too..
    gonna save up this photo of Vicky & recreate from my side LOL

    that girl is also Stephen Chow's god daughter ^.^V
    cant wait for her new role for little Mulan~~

  6. Hey i LOVE Zhao Wei!!! So pretty!


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