Friday, November 20, 2009

Peachy Blushes Side by Side

I just realized that I have many peachy blushes...not that I purposefully bought many of those, it's just that orange can be called peachy (since my skin is a bit pink sometime), coral is sort of peachy, bronze can be peachy, golden can be peachy as well...

Nars Luster and Jane Blushing Baby Doll- both of them look very boring in real life, almost a bit dirt like but the base colors of these blush are more of a golden apricot rather than brown, so they don't look muddy on me. Nars luster gives a really natural glow while Jane Blusing Babydoll gives a nice baby flush.
 Brighter and pinker, Jane Blushing Earth Sheer and Benefit Coralista. These two are brighter and nit as natural. Andway, Coralista gives a really pretty tropical golden sheen and it smells delicious!
Now it gets even pinker, with Nars Super Orgasm (Which is a pink and glittery version of Orgasm, I guess Orgasm is a lot like Coralista then.) I actually do like Super Orgasm a lot because those glittery look super cool and they don't look oily like shimmer does.
 Finally, Peachy blushes side by side. The whole point of this post is actually borderline pointless.


  1. awww i wish i had all those !lol
    wud u do swatch comparison that luster and jane blush?:P

  2. Vanilla:
    I am sorry that I don't (never did and never plan to) swatch blusher in general because they are all meant to be sheer in nature, if I were to apply them in a lightly hand, they wouldn't look all that different (especially it has been very cloudy lately) and even if there is a sunny day, these would show up differently on us because my skin do get red very easily.

    Anyway, the color difference would be more distinguishable if I literally dig out a big crumble and put them on my hand but then that will give a pretty big dent (and you might as well just look at the pan.) .

    Anyway, they are in the same color family, luster is shimmery and more golden while jane is more peachy.


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