Friday, November 06, 2009

NYX lip gloss in Smokey Look

Smokey Look is probably the most famous out of all NYX lip gloss. I actually bought it by mistake, thinking that it was on sale (when it wasn't) in ULTA...Anyway, I don't feel for with most NYX products I have gotten.
The tube of gloss is pretty big and it contains 15ml of products (almost 3x that of a Revlon) the heavily scented (artificial fruit that gets on my nerve but not too bad) gloss has a jelly texture (hence it's best when it's in squeegee tube) and is dispensed with a large and slanted doe foot applicator. I need to re-dip for a few times because the texture isn't very runny.The coverage is decent and the color isn't too yellow (no lip gloss can defeat my pigmented mouth so far) but I just don't like it...Maybe I just hate everything NYX.


  1. I have one NYX Lip Gloss and I don't like the texture, I like their Round lipstick better out of all their lips "range"

  2. NYX is having a sale at my local pharmacy... but I have no clue what's good from NYX...
    Everyone else seem to love it tho, and it is pretty cheap...
    Is there anything u don't hate from NYX? Perhaps that will be worth getting?

  3. I don't hate their eyeshadow (well, that's because their color seems to be too tacky for the price.)


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