Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am thankful for...

I am totally thankful for my dear readers and the love they have sent me...Like this one, who signed me up for a Daily Inspiration quotes(which thankfully, isn't a trashy site) using my provided e-mail address

and with the name @$$hole.

This is truly inspirational, as I can totally do that to that hypothetical roommate who trashes our room , imaginary professor who fails half of the class...With a blogger I hate? (Well, I would have clicked the "x" before noticing the e-mail address myself. Let alone signing them up for some daily inspirational messages. )

Anyway, the info-nugget we get today is: Hate someone? Sign him/her up for some random subscription with a name you want him/her to be called. (Don't go for website with trashy names as they wouldn't even open the e-mail)

P.S. For people who hate this blog, why tormenting yourself with the bad writing? Both you and I would be much happier without your presence and I ensure you I don't care about the number of people who are reading this blog. Your life would certainly be better without Citrine's Blog.

P.P.S. If you want to call me *anything* while being too chicken to identify yourself, feel free to leave an anonymous comment. (I never delete readers comments unless it contains a commercial link, however, I do delete spam e-mails, even when it's inspirational. )

P.P.P.S Maybe the person is an "Ugly Asian" with slanted eyes and high cheekbone?( I believe that's the population group I offended lately.) Why be pissed when you are considered "drop dead gorgeous" according all those white people?


  1. LOL @ subscribing person u hate's email !loll
    what hunney,why u said ppl hate ur blog?is it that asian post?hehe

  2. Eff that person, your blog happens to be one of my favorites. :D

  3. I'm Jonathan the person who subscribed you? Do you know him?
    Why would a guy be this passionate about a beauty blogger?
    Well, you know what they say... you know you're famous when you start getting haters...

  4. Vanilla:
    I reckon that I have pissed off quite a few people: they can be the cam-whore, people who give fake giveaway...Or maybe someone who already left anonymous comment calling me a racist stuck-up(which I didn't take too seriously).

    No need to say anything at the chicken lady, at least now we all learn a new way to show our "love" to other
    Nah, it's just a random person who is too chicken to even leave a comment here, let alone showing her name. (Jonathan is just an old guy who come up with the daily words of wisdom thing and let other people subscribe through e-mail.)

    The chicken lady simply subscribed to Jonathan's site using my e-mail address with my name as @$$hole, so that I would get a daily insult e-mail and become schizophrenic ...Well, I am not that mad, just a bit amused because it's my first time this way to bug someone over the net.

    Anyway, I have to admit, that's brilliant way to waste ones time. (and to let me know that I have officially become a popular blogger.)

  5. I think it's fine that you express your opinion. I can't believe some of your readers hate on you! I mean they block your pictures on google and sign you up for stuff? Haha. Maybe you can just put up a spam email and a personal email. But you probably already do that.

  6. Smiley:
    Most of the time I spam them but I just happen to see that "Dear A$$hole" at the beginning of this e-mail so I feel like sharing.

    I am pretty sure that only female readers would be catty enough to do such things (since they can't say anything about my face or my weight, having some website call me name it's the least they can do)and sometime I feel honored when I know that people are taking extra steps to show me their

  7. Ahaha, that's pretty hilarious then...
    Well, at least your haters are considerate...
    Most of people would just harass you on your blog by leaving tons of msgs with vulgar language or crude remarks...
    This person choose to subscribe you to inspiring quotes...hmm...


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