Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goldie Soft Pink

You all know I hate the color pink (or any soft and neutral shades). I have a couple of pink items because sometime the pink one happens to be the least ugly choice in the whole line and other times, it comes along with something else I want, which can't be purchased individually.
This soft pink (the set doesn't have name) is one of those ugly. The color makes my skin look ashy and
Ewww. (I think I would prefer grandma mauve over pink any time.)

I rarely buy cosmetics or clothes in colors like beige, soft pink, vanilla, medium brown know, those "neutral" shades because they are far less flattering (I think they all look pretty ugly on me so I have zero beige/pastel pink cloth items) than chocolate brown, deep purple, emerald green etc...Sometime they are not just ugly, they are also a pain to clean as they attract pigments from other bold colors (since I like to wash all of my clothes in one load).

As of cosmetics, I simply prefer my bare eyes to one that "naturally enhanced" by neutral shadow, since they do nothing but adding a cakey finish. Pink lip color simply makes me look sick (because they are lighter than my natural lip color)...


  1. I think it looks quite pretty :)

  2. I seriously love it, its a type of "pinkish nude" that would work really well on any occasion, the package is pretty!!! so girly! You know my heart melts on cute and girly stuffs! lol :)

  3. I have that nail polish! I usually don't mind the neutral shades, but I really really did not like this polish. Might have just as well left my nails bare.

  4. I think that's a pretty nail polish. Altho I much prefer iridecent or a cream finish. I'm yellow-toned so I'm good with pink stuff. Except for hot-pink/fuschia.

  5. I think that looks very nice!

  6. Trisha/Nikki/Gio:
    I guess it's just personal preference, I remember you guys all like pink.

    That's extacly how I feel (about all the neutrals), I prefer leave my nails bare instead of putting on some natural looking chemical.

    China Glaze has a medium (between soft pink and bright one) rosy cream nail color called in vogue, I think you might like it, it doesn't make skin sallow.

  7. I saw these at TJ Maxx, the bottle's adorable but I saw on xteeener's nail polish collection that they're not actually very good?

  8. I think it depends on the shades, the plum and the green both work rather well on me.


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