Thursday, November 05, 2009

Brand Spotlight: Kiss Me Heroine Mascara and Curler

While I am waiting for my lashes to grow back (I cut my lashes one more time, a week after the first cut, for a growth boost...Yes, I am psycho...)Since Japanese cosmetics companies are generally well known for their nifty tools, let's do some window shopping and see what else is in the Japanese market!Today's spotlight would be on Kiss Me (pronounced Ki-su Me?) Heroine, a drugstore brand that's quite famous for their mascara and the anime spoke model. (No clue who is she, I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Pokeymon...)

While Kiss Me is quite famous for the volumizing mascara, I am not going to talk about it as I am not the kind of person who pay over 10 bucks for drugstore mascara...Anyway, their pink padded lash curler seems pretty interesting.

While I can't tell how this would perform but they actually list some actual measurement. I am guessing it's for the curvature but recalling from my math class memory... The curvature is inversely proportional to the radius so the function should be 1/R, and the unit should be mm^-1...I have no clue why they use 19R 36mm...Unless they are talking about the molding?

Lol her lashes looks so fake...Anyway, this picture shows that the curler is relativly flat and has smooth edge to avoid pinching.

You can also open the curler more widely and according to conservation of angular momentum...You would need less force to achieve the same torque or "moment". Anyway, the curler does look interesting and theoretically it should work better than those American drugstore ones and possibly as well (or better) than Shiseido...

Each of these curler retails for 800 yens (which is 2 bucks cheaper than the retail price of Shu Uemura/Shiseido) I would like to ask my mom to get one of these for me but she usually refuses to deal with my bullshit...

Beside the curler, I found that they carry some very unique false lashes as well. I am liking 04/05 but I think I will just stick with those clearance lashes from Wet n Wild.

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