Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Barielle Secret Encounter

Goodbye the short live joy from Flicker (for a short while I was able to just upload picture and it automatically get resized without having the clarity sacrificed but now the damn site no longer let me link my own pictures unless I pay...urgh.) say hello to the blurry picture from way(it's unfair that the stupid blogger has to blur my pictures out consider how hard I tried to take nice picture with the cheap camera...)Never mind, I am going back to photo bucket instead.
Enough with the stupid picassa, Barielle Secret Encounter is a really pretty wine with the glossiest finished I have ever seen. Two coats of this gave me a full coverage and the prettiest mirror image (see my camera lens?) The application was smooth and easy, Barielle is probably most user friendly nail polish I have tried so far.
You can see more of a purple tinge and the pretty shimmer from this picture. Anyway, I love this shade for fall (even I normally don't like dark colors on my nail).


  1. I like it!! Where do you find Barielle?

  2. I got them from my local CVS (which carries freeze 24/7 and other random stuff...)


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