Friday, October 16, 2009

Wet n Wild Deep Garnet

Before Craze collection, Rock Solid was my favorite sub-line of nail polishes from Wet n Wild. They are easy to work with, the frosty colors are very rich and pretty (especially the ones from limited editions) and the label isn't a sticker (I still scratched this out anyway. Deep Garnet is a very rich deep red that's not deep enough to be mistaken for black. The shimmer is fine and the formula is just as nice as the rest of Rock Solid.
I really like this kind of color for winter as it really makes hand looks nice and clean. Too bad Wet n Wild has got rid of the whole line to make space for the Craze Nail Colors (which is on permanent displace now.)


  1. This is like the ONLY type of red I will wear. I think those bright reds can look a bit too much for me. Actually, they look grandma!

  2. Hi Citrine :) Thanks for the comment and pointed to me the doubts people may have in their mind. I haven't really thought about it so its great that it came from you

    I answered your query already :) I commented back on my comment box, don't want to put it here on your space lol :) thanks


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