Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wet n Wild Christmas Collection: Festive Flirt and Santa Baby

Are you kidding me? Christmas collection now (I took the picture on Sept 29th by the way.)

Festive flirt is a collection of glittery and warm nail colors that will match your Christmas party outfits. I don't like the fact that those label are stickers...but the dark plummy red nail color is kind of cool though, it should look pretty cool with a matte top coat.

The model got cool eyes!

Makeup wise, there is Santa Baby, two different eye, cheeks and lip palette, it seems to me the on the left is for cool skin tone while the right ones looks much warmer.


  1. wow... I have to look out for these, I have yet to see them in my drugstore.

  2. Oh wow, already? How fun is that?

  3. lol it's amazing how early some people push out christmas items

  4. Rayqueenbee:
    I think you might have to wait for a while, my grocery store have those things out pretty early.

    Yeah, consider I can still get away wearing shorts right now.

  5. These look gorgeous! Very Xmasy lol. I wonder if we will get them in the UK, probably not. x

  6. They wouldn't be from last year, would they? (Lol, I hope not...)
    I like the nail polishes, the palettes look boring. But I guess I'm spoiled with my Too Faced ones :-P.

  7. VampiressDoll:
    I guess not, it seems that European countries are carrying a different stock of Wet n Wild.

    I don't think it's from last year (I don't remember seeing any of those) and limited edition wet n wild nail polish usually sell out pretty quickly as they have nicer color and decent formula.


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