Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze Fresh Mixed Berries

I have no idea why I have gotten so many tubs of Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze as they are glorified vaseline. Anyway, I think I am liking the clear formula better than the shimmery ones, as there is no glitter particles to bug me and the scent isn't as annoyingly strong.
Fresh Mixed berry is a clear gloss in cool pink color, since it's probably less cool/not as pigmented as my own lip color, it shows up as a clear gloss.
It doesn't look bad but I already have 3924 tubes of glosses like that (coincidentally, most of them are from Sally Hansen) I guess another layering piece or lip balm for the night?


  1. The thing about these is that they're just so addicting to buy! Does it last long for you?

  2. Smiley13tree:
    The one actually has a very decent lasting power but there are that much in the tub anyway and the applicator is pointless and a pain to use.

    Probably not 3924 tubs...my glosses are scatter around everywhere even I lost count. Anyway, Sally Hansen is really good at coming up different glosses that look exactly the same on lips.

  3. I really want this just because it looks so jelly!

  4. sally hansen brands are ok, but i might give this one a glance...you made in look so nice on your post.


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