Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just look at that pretty bow

I think it looks a tad bit childish...
The lids are cute, there are a lot of products and the price is alright and the scents are not that annoying. But I found it very difficult to love the NYX lip glosses. NYX mega shine lip gloss in Smokey Look and Lip gloss with mega shine (?) in Beige (that's so not beige) review will be up sometime soon.


  1. Both of those colors are on my NYX wishlist. THey look super pretty in your pics!

  2. Trisha:
    I think you will like them (from your blog spot, you like that kind of high-coverage creamy nude lips effect) ...

    For me, they are abit too creamy and pigmented (not that it's a bad thing but I like my natural lip color to peek out a bit through the gloss)for my liking.

  3. Those look very...opaque...
    I don't like the makes it look cheap... if it were better designed it would be the opposite effect...

  4. Daituf:
    I don't like the bow either, the whole NYX new lip gloss packaging sort of reminds me of Nars, just a lot uglier...

    And yeah, they are quite opaque.

  5. just look at that CHEAP bow lol


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