Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Goldie Grandma Mauve

Goldie Nail Polishes usually come in a set of three and beside the alphanumerical code on the paper box, there is no name whatsoever. Anyway, I will name it myself them.
I don't normally go for rosy pink shades of nail polishes because I don't see the point doing subtle enhancement like that (why don't I just leave them bare?) but this comes in a set in which there was a really nice creamy avocado green, I am a big fan of green so I will just deal with the grandma color.

I expected it to look pretty gaudy, but it actually turned out alright (actually a lot better than some of the rosy shades from Revlon) and not at all aging.
The formula is also remarkable, not only is nice , creamy and easy to apply. I only needed one coat for a completely opaque coverage. It's pretty awesome, beside the fact that super pigmented one coater like this usually stains my nail.


  1. the nail polish packaging is so adorable

  2. I like the packaging too, but this brand is no where to be found near me, so haven't seen it IRL :-)

  3. the packaging is heaven! sooo pretty, I was staring at the photo of packaging with your pretty nails for good 5 seconds!

  4. Ooo! Pretty! Where did you pick up the nail laquer? :D

  5. Amy Naree/Nikki/Halifax:
    The bottles are pretty cute and there is some nice detail at the cap as well...Anyway, I personally like the bottle from Anna Sui (old version)/Paul and Joe the best.

    Hitomi (Martha is your 2nd name?):
    They sell this at Bath and Body works but I pick this (out of a trio) from a TJmaxx (like a discount store) for 5 bucks...

    Anyway, I only wanted the green one and the other two are just happen to be there...

  6. That's a pretty shade and the packaging is so cute!

  7. ur so hilarious i love it haha


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