Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gigi Lai's makeup in Gem of Life

I absolutely love it !(Her makeup...I like the show as well, considered I watched the 82 episodes without pressing fast-forward bottom, but the plot just got a bit out of nowhere towards the end. )
Brown/bronze smokey eyes applied in the "East Asian" way (i.e. gradation of depth inward, then upward.) You know, white people tend to add a lot of depth at outer eye socket areas to enhance their deep crease and I personally don't like the look that much when some American Asian does the same thing (adding extra dose of dark shadow on area where the eyeball sinks) Come on, you are enhancing a something that's not even there...

A Cute blush and a nice your-lips-but-better lipstick.

Plummy eyeshadow, I personally like to match purple with soft peachy lips though.

A navy/black smokey bridal looking. (Surprisingly appropriate for the occasion)

Monkey buttocks (blusher overkill) anybody?


  1. haha me too got myself to finish 80++ GEM episodes..i like jessica's (ada choi)character lol

    constance is kinda whiny hehe but she is soo beautiful indeed...luv her bronzy makeup!so refined!

  2. I like Ada choi a lot too (especailly her chracter in the Armed Reaction)Jessica is a borderline malicious in the show but it's difficult to hate her...

  3. Haha, I watched this whole drama too :]
    Gigi is gorgeous and her makeup looks nice in the first picture!! Can you elaborate on the "East Asian" makeup. I'm kinda curious because I sort of agree with the depth thing but I don't know what you mean by doing the gradation inward. ^_^

  4. Angelic BB:
    I actually was about to post something about different kinds of Asian Makeup but then I just got too lazy to collect example pictures.

    The gradation inward just mean having the heaviest dose (still not as dramatically dark as Western smokey eyes kind of dark) of depth color at the outer corners of eyes and gradually fade down toward the inner corner, ...American Asian usually add the heaviest dose of color at the outer crease (or the area where Caucasian have theirs)then they blend the "crease" out...

    Anyway, I think East Asian smokey eyes gives a slight depth with the American Asian smokey eyes leave their eye socket greatly enhanced...

  5. oooh :] Thanks for replying haha. You should do a post on Asian makeup when you have extra time! I think a lot of people would appreciate that~

    I think I see what you mean by the outer corners and not the crease. I tend to do that with my shadows because I usually don't have a crease :[

  6. hi citrine,

    hv u post on Asian make up already...after one year??!

    do u know how many color of eyeshadows need to use in order to achieve gigi's bronze smokey eye as shown above? i m dying to find out..pls..

  7. Hi There:
    Oops...I guess I have been just pushing this forever. I will certainly work on it during Thanksgiving.(The post will be up in a day or two).

  8. Do you have any tips on applying eyeshadow on single asian eyelids?


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