Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dish it out: Do you have a favorite model?

I am not that into fashion (Ok, I don't care at all) but I have seen plenty of models from makeup posters and I flip through magazines in the library all the time...So there are some faces I prefer over the others.
Du Juan is probably my favorite Chinese model because I like her features (duh), her name (means Azalea in Chinese), her ballerina grace and the fact that she is considered beautiful in both Chinese and Western culture. You know when some western people go all over an East Asian "OMG, you are stunning!" (on Youtube, runway or American reality shows...) and if you show the same girl to a random person grabbed from street in Beijing. She/He (or me) will be "Go away, ugly..."
Then there are those Anna Sui poster girls : Heather Marks (dug out to Nars) , Jessica Stam, Watanabe Anne (Who is also a Shiseido Tsubaki spoke model, come on, does Shiseido ever pick a model that's not pretty?) I am not that into Agnesse Deyn because she gets on my nerve and I never care much about those British models because I like those Slavic ones.
For the Slavic models (love their porcelain skin and ginger hair): Vlada Roslyakova and Natalia Vodianova, I am neutral about Sasha Pivovarora because I used to confuse her with Gemma Ward (and I don't even like Ward that much)...There are more Eastern European models I like but their names are not short enough for me to remember.

So, what about you? Do you have a favorite model/models?


  1. Seriously! I thought that Sasha girl and Gemma Ward was the same person... I was wondering why they changed her name!
    Man, they look alike...
    Kinda like how I get Katy Perry and Zoe Deschanel mixed up...

  2. I actually though Katy Perry looks just like the Deschanel but I though she was an "not as pretty version"

  3. Du Juan IS really lovely. And LOL on the name comment. I can't pronounce most of them. hah. :)


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