Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cherish the Brass : An Ugly Nail Combo

Last week, I demonstrated how blistering mouth and purple lips can add up to a gorgeous fuchsia, so I went ahead and try the layering with two of my favorite nail colors: China Glaze Cherish and Wet n Wild Brass, which are both warm tone "chrome" colors.

I can't pin point what's about the colors it's just that both colors has a certain muddiness in them like how the green is a bit grayish and a bit silver and the gold has some rustiness and brown in it. They just ended up looking very dirty together.

Less hideous at a distance but I couldn't wait one more minute to take this off after taking the pictures.


  1. I think I own a polish shade similar to the one you had on, you're right, its hard to work on and I can't even seem to think of any compatible colors to even do a French Tip on :)

  2. Well, I think if the color were an eyeliner, it would be much better...it actually reminds me of Urban decay smog.


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