Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bath Mesh for the Face

Another quite pointless purchases, a mesh for face found at clearance session for 49 cents.
Whenever I shower, I just use the same mesh over my arms, legs and face (glycerin soaps are quite gentle for facial cleaning) since it doesn't look that glamorous I decided that I need something just for my face.
It's the perfect size for the cheeks but I think I like to use my shower mesh as multi-tasker anyway...


  1. I didn't know you could use a mesh for face... How does that work, and is it better than using your hands for face washing?

  2. Oh, I just make bubble with it when using glycerin soap, inplace of exfolidator...It's much gentler and still gets the job done (in my case.)

  3. Oh, randomly, I saw your question on PJ's blog about warm a cool undertone and for some reason her explanation kind of conflicts with what I know (it's not very nice to bitch in her territory so I just put it here.)

    For what I know:
    Warm skin tone is that ones with olive/bronze/yellow undertone while cool skin tone is pink based (or purple based...)

    If you have cool skin tone, usually bright blue,fuchsia,eggplant clothes flatter your skin color and your vein looks more blue (Your Mac shade would be NW__). As for warm skin tone, your vein looks green and colors like peach, bronze flatters your skin (NC__) .

    For a clear explanation, karla sugar has a post here.(http://karlasugar.blogspot.com/2008/06/warm-cool-what-does-it-all-mean.html)

    For a (very) quick test go to Catalina's site.


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