Monday, September 28, 2009

Want it: Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Chris and Tell

I have rarely been very excited about any tube of lipsticks, Lancome nailed it once with their Le Rouge Absolu Satin Fuchsia and it seems that they are about to nail it again!

Look at this gorgeous L'Absolu Rouge in Chris & Tell. If my high school French serves, "Absolu" at the end of a noun works as a adjective while L'Absolu in the front more or less gives a bit of an exclamation. For the matter of our discussion, same difference huh?

Anyway, I was 90% positive that I will love this lipstick right after I saw the swatch from All Lacquered Up, now I like it even better after digging up some backstage pictures from Chris Benz 2010 Spring fashion show.

While I was googling my way out of the lipstick jungle...I found something that's quite interesting. Odango hair on western models. I used to think that the hair style looks pretty on very young, pale, cute Japanses girls but apparently I was wrong, about the Japanese part at least.
Ali Michael totally rocked odango (after so many years, odango finally made it into the western world! You know whenever I say fob hair style and people think it's a bad thing... I though US is always pretty outdated when it comes to hair stuff...) on the Luella Spring 2001 Ready to Wear fashion show. Gotta love that blue floral dress!

This girl looks a bit sleepy but I love the outfit (I am predicting salmon would be a hit in Spring 2008 like how fuchsia dominated spring 2009.) , minus the huge yellow bow though.

Another picture of Ali Micheal (just because I like her) if I were the staff in the show, I will totally ditch the boring bag/shoes and replace them with a something in bright teal or purple.


  1. I think the whole odango thing hasn't "spread" to Western countries, mainly because American/European girls usually aren't aiming to look like 12 year olds. They want to look older/more mature/sexier as opposed to Asian girls who put more effort into looking like cutesy prepubescent girls.

  2. Anonymous:
    I agree with you about how western girls, in general, don't like to look cutie-pie like girls in East Asia I sure hope those grown up American start doing odango like this (Tell you the truth, I actually think the girl in the tutorial "not quite at the odango age".

    It's nevertheless refreshing to see those kind looks in the runway (the huge bow probably indicated that there are probably some exaggeration) because I found it quite lovely, I mean, I think it's still a great look for girls around 15-19 because it's not really that much compare to the high pony tails you see on college girls. (And if you look at the pictures, compared to the Audrey Hepburn bun, this is just a bit bigger!)


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