Friday, September 18, 2009

Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine In Nosegay

Apparently, I have a lot more Sally Hansen glosses lying around because they always go on sale...Don't worry, I am slowly getting sick of the brand so you won't see it that much in the future.
Natural Butter Lip Shine in Nosegay is my second tubes from the same range after the soft pink one called Rosebud.) I do like the jelly finish and soft color of Rosebud and I was ready for something that's not so shimmery. There are red, nude, coral etc. from the line but I went safe and picked up a mauve (which usually turns out to look hot pink on me, which is moderately flattering.)

The gloss looks completely shimmer free from the tube (and on the lips) but there are actually a noticeable sheen caused by tiny shimmery once I swatch them on the back of my hand. The finish the similar to Rosebud but it appears to be smoother because all the shimmers are gone.

With a sheer layer, Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine is indeed a sheer, cool pink that looks natural and healthy. The gloss also feels very comfortable with it's light texture.

Here is a not as "artsy" picture of this if you want to see it without direct sunlight: With more layering, the color shows better (and my gloss-loading makes it look more jelly-like) but I think I prefer it light and sheer.


  1. thats so pretty =) i wish i had a color like that.. i really envy your healthy looking looking lips !

  2. Ushishi:

    Beside the fact that my lips are very red to start with (If I use benetint I will look like I just ate someone alive.) my lips aren't that "healthy" looking at all. In fact I just peeled them yesterday and it was bleeding pretty badly, I usually just pick a day when there is no open wound the take the picture.

    A found a little tip though, I use (cheap, I mean, most of my glosses are cheap anyway) lip gloss that has a watery finish during evening, (not over night) and the wetness usually soaks the lips and the dead skin will just float up and can be rubbed away.

  3. Hey thanks for the printer tips! I'm definitely going to be trying it out =).
    As for the Revlon creme shadows, I actually bought them mostly on impulse haha. When I do use them, I don't experience any sliding so it's fine for me.


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