Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maybelline Teal Appeal

I never though I would go back to Maybelline after all the crap I have gotten from the line...then again I had a few of those 2-dollars off coupon lying around so I just went ahead and got something cheap.
Express finish nail color has been around for a long time but they seldom carry nice and funky shades. The Teal Appeal happen to be in a limited edition collection which I don't know the name of (I think the title for that poster is that "Who is that girl with shiny polished nail?" We know it's that girl who look like Josie Maran, ok? Now stop bugging me with your poster name...)

I usually hate fast dry drugstore nail polishes, including this line of Maybelline as they are only fast dry when you use too-thin-to-show layer. If I achieved the desired intensity, it will still take forever to dry. The formula (so is the pigmentation) is quite thin so I need a few layers for the color to show up. At least it's a lot better than the gooey Rimmel 60 second nail polish)

Further away...The color is... ewww. The color should look a lot less hideous on people with big nail bed least I think.

And for a deep teal nail polish, I think Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Lacquer in Cobalt is a tad more flattering on me because it's more on the blue side.

Back in May I was a bit obsessed with the deep teal because of the gorgeous dress worn by Shu Qi at the Cannes Festival. I think I am kind of sick of the color now. (Speaking of short attention span...)


  1. Out of the polishes I own, I don't have this shade yet! this looks super pretty! I am not sick of this shade. :)

  2. i like the color! i too have a bottle similar to this color, and i love it! it looks really special on toes :D esp when most of the people only use black/red for toes

  3. I think that shade is very pretty!

  4. omg i love anything teal! i think it looks great on u !! i just discovered your blog tonite and danggg i love it. U are hilarious too!

  5. Nikki:
    I wonder what kind of nail design you will come up with, mermaid hands maybe?

    Pretty Beautiful:
    I actually don't know that there are many people who use black for their pedicure...but I totally love a wine red though.

    It does look nice in the bottle but for some reasons it's just too jewel like on hands.

    I love teal too...But I guess when it comes to nail color/makeup , I like the color to be a bit more muted (because I like to wear bold colors for clothes.) Glad that you like my blog:)


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