Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am totally loving the mauve lips trend

Is it just me or fall 2009 has awesome trend ever? First my favorite color green is all over the place as nail polish (no complain about the color not making in the eyeshadow, I can't really pull off green on my eyes anyway.) then there is purple, and gray... Guess what's my favorite part about the trend favorite so far?
Definitely the cool toned mauve lips! It actually look pretty natural consider I can get away wearing this while having the rest of the face undone.

Here is a close up of the lipstick I am wearing, I am too lazy to type up the review right now so I will just put some teaser pictures and some link of those lilac looks (or look, since I only like one of those pictures I saw) I like.

MAC Lavender Whip Lipstick Look by Arora (an EE turned MUA based in UK).
There are plenty of blog posts about the lavender whip lipstick but I either find them not that pretty(You know there are time that the girl just does a superb job with the makeup but the purple lipstick just ended up making her skin looks sallow) or too blurry. Anyway, if you have a nice look featuring mauve, lavender lips, feel free to share.


  1. Mauve eh? I've never thought of wearing mauve lipstick... does it looks natural? In the photo it looks very pretty, but pink?
    Are there any drugstore brands mauve lipsticks that you've tried?

  2. It's not really what I call "natural natural" like what you get from a rosy lipstick...but if your skin has a purple undertone, it will look very wearable and flattering. I have seen it on girls with tanner skintone as well (she is Indian) and I think it's a little less dramatic than fuchsia but still a pretty kind of "statement color".

    Oh yeah, there is a Japanses drama called News Woman (way way way back when) and Suzuki Honami is wearing sort of purple/ mauve/ maybe dark lipstick but again, she has a neutral undertone and very fair skin (most of the Japanse women are pretty pale anyway) so I think it looks pretty trendy and kind of professional at the same time.

  3. P.S. The one shown in picture is a Revlon (Berry haute from their fall 2009 collection) but bare in mind there are a big deal of purple undertone in my skin/lips (my skin is either pink based or purple based depends on the temperature or my blood circulation) so it might not turn out the same if your skin is more neutral.

    For very yellow skintone (probably not your case)I personally find purple lip colors extremly unflattering...as bring out the sallowness.

  4. I love mauve lipsticks too but for some reason I don't wear them often. That shade looks great on you!

  5. Haha... I'm actually very yellow...and tanned...
    Dang :P

  6. Gio:
    I think people would start wearing it more often after all those holiday releases (dior/mac/guerlain all have mauve) and it's a nice shade for spring anyway so you can wait a little bit.

    It's alright, I personally have a hard time with coral...most of the time the purple in my skin turn coral in to plain pink...


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