Monday, September 28, 2009

Devoted 2 U and more Purple Nail Polish

Milani devoted 2U on hand, I paint my toenails with it a while ago but I am not going to do a close up of my feet...
My application was crap but I really do like this color.

Borghese Pomino Plum- An attempted repaint of one of my favorite shade (Do you know how much it means for a 8 dollar nail polish? Especially on my blog?) The color is gorgeous and the brush...disastrous.

When the gooey formula joints force with the double-trouble wide "pro" brush....there is nothing but mess.
OPI done out at deco- I will do a proper (clear with close up) review of this one. The formula is nice and creamy...but I hate the brush!


  1. Love the first one :). [Even though I'm not sure what colour that is.]

  2. It's a *very* dark purple with blue and red shimmer, it's so dark that it looks black most of the time.


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