Monday, August 17, 2009

Wet n Wild Nail Color in Jade and More Jade

Green has been my favorite color ever since I was in elementary school but I don't have any green nail polish (nor I like to wear green on my face that much either), afraid that it will turn me into hulk (I wear deep green clothes all the time, I carry a big green wallet and big green bag.)

Anyway, thanks to Wet n Wild, green has extended its territory and settled on my finger tips at last!
Wet n Wild Craze nail color in Jade. A golden green that looks positively like the peel of a perfectly delicious Granny Smith apple.

The golden sheen in Jade is more apparent at sunset.

This is probably the most color-accurate pictures, where the yellow tone isn't as overwhelming. When green is worn over red, it tone it down but when it's worn against my skin, it makes it looks pinker in these pictures. (The same reason I think blue based lip color makes your teeth looks whiter is's not like you are wearing it on top of your stained teeth anyway.)

While we are still on the topic of "jade". I got my first jade bangle bracelet from my mom (No, not a family heirloom, my mom thinks jade bangle is way too old fashioned...More like I begged my mom to get me one as a toy.)

Of course, the jade bracelet isn't really the best of its kind (a really good on in my book would be very watery looking as well as having that fresh minty green tint to it.) but at least it's not bleached or colored.
At first I though I could pull it off...well, I don't think it age me by 20 years (jade is pretty popular among the aunties I think.) but it doesn't really look as good as I imagined...Granted, old fashioned Chinese stuff naturally looks weird when worn with a Chevron freebie T-shirt.

I might think of someway to make it look pretty if I have the time.


  1. I have been looking for the same green but mine always comes out sheer, thanks for sharing the lovely swatch made my day, it looks too cute!

  2. I've always been scared to try green nail polish because it's so OUT there..but I think it looks good. If I'm willing to wear purple, why not green right?

  3. Nikki:
    This bottle is kind of sheer at first layer but luckily the color does built up.

    I never though of "green" being out there, maybe because it's not naturally occurred in human body (at least purple has a bit of red and blue in it...and people have pinkish skin and blue vein) and teal is the same thing...

  4. I like your bracelet :).
    The nail polish looks really pretty under sunlight, with the goldish reflections coming out.

  5. this is one of my favourite polishes :D


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