Monday, August 24, 2009

Spy Cam: Sally Hansen Borghese Limited Edition Nail Polish

It's time for fall nail colors. For now, I think they are a bit on the boring side.

Ok, I already missed half of the collection. Anyway, it seems that navy (or any shades of dark blue) would be a dominating color for fall 2009. I personally like the nail color to be shimmer free when the shade is very rich and intense so I am not that interested in these Insta-Dry polishes.

Borghese cam up with pumpkin inspired shades. (The model for last fall's collection was so much prettier.) I am not a big fan of warm shades (nor the formula Borghese has) so it's another save skip for me.


  1. Yeah, I just got hooked on dark blues, and ones with no shimmer to 'em unless I put them on there myself! I was at Walgreens today too and looked at those racks.. nothing interesting. :/

  2. I love Sally Hansen Polishes! and the quick dry ones look fab!!!

  3. Kim:
    Sally Hansen is getting less and less interesting for me. Right now I am still trying to find a dark blue that doesn't look too black...(Well, there are plenty but I want a cheap one.)

    I am glad it works for you, Sally Hansen seems a bit expensive for me now I can get better ones from wet n wild for 1-2 bucks.


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