Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Bracelets and Necklaces for Fobs

I seriously cannot think about a title beside "Fob" as these kind of accessories are quite popular among the Chinese in China and you don't really see them in US. Anyway, I think they look a lot better than those machine pressed sterling silver (that tarnish very easily) and glass-crystal.

Quartz bead bracelet was extremely popular around early millennium. As people believe different colors of quartz corresponds certain areas of human's like all of a sudden every top celebrity in Hong Hong is having a bunch of them on her/his wrist. Then the trend just diffuse upward (latitude wise.) in China as well as spreading through Canada by what "American" call "fobs". (I like it how Chinese Canadians get to conserve their culture and language up there with all the "real" Chinese restaurants and those big mall...)

Anyway, I was just a kid back then with a pathetic allowance. (I didn't technically have allowance actually, just money from mom for random snacks and useless junk and some external assistance from grandparent because they like to spoil me.) So I didn't get to pick the ones with nice quality until later...Here is a rose quartz one I got a while ago, I personally don't like the color pink because most of the time pink just appears to be too artificial to me (bubble gum, baby pink blush worn by people who are too old for it etc.) but this color actually looks really soft and flattering against my (most of the time pale) skin...Many people say that this is good for your popularity or love life...I guess it voids on anti-social peoples.

Anyway, I managed to steal a picture to show how good rose quartz can look with pale skin. (Actually fobby stuff all tend to look better on milky skin than on tanned one.)

A Chinese actress Huo Si yan, picture stolen from her blog ( Music diarrhea alert!) , I have seen similar rose quartz bracelet from where I bought mine. (Except the price was out of my budget, it's still OK since I am relatively good at bargaining, but at the same time I am also too cheap to get anything more than $5 US at China.)

Beside quartz bead bracelet, I am also a fan of handcrafted silver bracelet. I like them thick and noticeable and I usually prefer pure (99.9%) silver over sterling silver (where they mix in 7.5% copper) because pure silver looks whiter and less "metallic" or "steel like" . Another reasons is that most pure silver bracelet comes with a less "fashionable" design, which in my mind, is more "timeless".

The two hand made silver ones above were robbed from my cousin. I begged her to give one to me 7 years ago, since the two only look good together, she ended up giving me both of them. (Yeah, she is a push-over.)

The one below with a quartz was bough from that tourist place Feng Huang. (Where I got my one and only grandma hairpin.)

Feng Huang is actually pretty nice place for sight seeing, make sure you only book one night since the town is so small and it gets boring really quickly.

Here comes something that's even more fobby, what do you call them anyway...coin bracelet or jade threaded accesories? ( I don't even know if it has a name in Chinese.)

A green anklet I wear as a bracelet with a antique (supposedly) coin and some dark green jade stone (not quite jewel grade, in Chinese there are different words for jade in different type and values whereas in English there is just "jade".)

I spend so long bargaining from that store in Chang Sha (gotta do that in China) because I just thought it as a cute accessory but the boss thought it was at least some sort of antique.

Me: "Come on, it's just a coin and some stones."

Boss: "But the coin is from Xuan Tong (1909-1911, the reign of the last emperor of China) era!"

Me: "Come on, it's just a penny, you can't even buy a whole napa cabbage with it..."

Boss: *Sighs* Anyway, I walked home with this without too big of a wallet damage. (Normally, I spend around 2 dollars on pieces like this in China but I think this was a tad bit more expensive) . I like the cord and how detailed this looks though. I just wouldn't wear it as anklet as it kind of "cut" my leg and makes it looks shorter. (The same reason I don't like ring that much, I like my finger to look long.)

Lastly, there are some cute little ones I do also like. (I don't like "cute" but I love disney stuff...As I watch Mickey mouse club every Saturday morning when I was a kid and when I came to US I was so overwhelmed by the fact that there is actually a Disney I ended up watching it all the time when I was...a high school student.)
This one is a sterling silver Bambi pendent from a Hong Kong Jeweler called Chou Tai Fook which is quite well known locally. I got it from the same cousin who gave me the silver bagels (my mom's family so huge that it gets confusing describing my cousins) and she gave another cousin of mine ( same age as me) a Flouder (that fish in little Mermaid) pendent.

The pendents came with a black and slightly elastic cord with silver clasp, I found it too "rocker" plus I was too lazy to take it off whenever I take shower. So I went ahead and get a thin necklace to match it. Finding the right necklace (that's cheap) isn't that easy though, since the pendent itself is tarnish free, so it has a slight steel tinge that looks weird with plain sterling silver.

Bambi among flowers , it's a chiffon top (mom again, she loves floral pattern) I have for a while, this ones is really girly and looks pretty nice during summer on with a breeze. I used it as a background for my Anna Sui white power case and mirror post.

I can layer it with an necklace from American Eagle. It's not a style I like that much (I just don't like "dainty" "little" , or "cute" . It's like "ewwww" when I even think about those words.) but at the closure, the eagle charm and charm are both nicely detailed.

Here is a bracelet I got in Toronto when I was a kid, I was too "off" to know that this is actually a knock off of a Tiffany design (Sorry Elsa...) before seeing this bracelet worn by model on Vogue magazine shoot...

I did like this bracelet quite a bit and I wore this literally all the time (and I almost got use to this little weight on my left hand) but now you know...I kind of feel sorry for supporting a crime and I don't even like Tiffany's design...

Harajuku Lover Charm Bracelet, this is way too long that it kept sliding off my wrist plus it's too ridiculously heavy and bulky to look cute (don't forget about the awkward length .)

This post is a little bit random, my next accesory post would be more specific. (It would be called something like "Fob stuff, period." Because I think only Chinese grew up in that culture would like those. )


  1. Hahahaha FOB jewelry! Very cool~ I love how the bambi looks with your M. :]

  2. Wow, I like this post. So many different types of jewelry. I saw the Tiffany bracelet and I'm like it looks familiar! Probably because I have the starfish necklace.

    I love the coin necklace. My parents love buying gold in Hong Kong for some reason. Maybe because they know people at Chou Dai Fook. (however you spell it)

  3. I love the necklace with M on it! and the way you layered it! so fashionable! :)

  4. great buy! i really like that green anklet too =D


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