Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Horn Comb Joining My Collection

If you have been digging on my blog for a while, you should know a good comb is quite essential to my hair care routine (which consists of 3 items: Comb, Shampoo, and once-a-blue-moon hair care oil). Animal lovers and tree huggers might think that I, along with thousands of Chinese females) are killing innocent cute little oxes for me vanity. (Come on, these horn are not even rare and do you think people are stupid enough to kill a healthy ox just to make combs out of it?

Anyway, it's really common that people use horn combs for gift giving because they are nice to look, supposedly good for your health (at least it doesn't produce statics.) at and the fact that most grown female have hair long enough to be combed. So a friend of my mom just gave me one of these last year.

This one is actually unique because most of horn combs only uses the core areas to give a smooth appearance. But a bit of rough edge can make it so much cooler!

From the clean cut surface of the sides, it's quite easy to tell that this one is machine cut. (So it hurts a bit when I first use it...Carpenter Tan sells very smooth, hand made combs but they are relatively expensive and comes with that annoying trade mark. ) and the flab is kind of too thin that the teeth would bent easily.

There are dots of red particles inside the cartilage (you know the kind of stuff that's between nail and bone when it comes to composition.) I am guessing it's hemogoblin? (To be safe, I am sure it's iron oxide...Well, duh...)


  1. Oh very nice. I'm actually in need of a wide toothed comb so that I won't easily damage my hair combing it after I get out of the shower. I know.. you're not suppose to but I do anyway!

  2. Natalie:
    Don't worry, I do it too. (With tightly spaced comb btw.)and when I reach tangles (since I don't use conditioner) I break in by force...but I think it's still better than using slickly conditioner, spending 5 minutes rinsing it off then still have it weight down my hair.

  3. I love your bone comb! My mom actually has one too and I steal it all the time. It makes my hair feel so soft and tangle free

  4. that's a really nice comb!


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