Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall 2009 Collections Random Rambling and Wishlist

You know, every season I would come up with a list of interesting makeup collections most of which I am too cheap to buy...Here is one for Fall 2009.

MAC, as usual, is coming up with 284 limited collections this season and at this moment, I have my eyes on Style Black.That cremesheen black lipstick Black Knight is gorgeous!

Oh, D Squared looks pretty interesting as well . (look at that tinted lip conditioner in Fuchsia Fix!) I would totally get one of those tinted lip balms if
A. My room isn't flooded with fuchsia lip products
B. Or Lip product in general
C. The packaging of this weren't so ugly.
D. All of the aboves.

While we are still on the topic of creepy/cool lip product...I think I am a bit tempted by those famous OCC Botanical Lip Tar(the only things that are stopping me are the ugly ugly packaging and the 12.5 dollars price tag) especially Botanical after I saw it in this blog I just can't get it off my mind incredibly fugly and cool at the same time. (Oh, I am completely interested in those "normal" shades.)

Anyway, let's head to the east and see what Japanese brands have come up with this season.

Lunasol has already released their much anticipated Star Purification collection. I love the idea of incorporating starry nights into makeup (actually I hate everything related to Star after have taken the Stellar Astronomy class, so it's more like I hate this stuff with a burning passion) but from this blog post as well as the iswii article (both in Chinese, ahem), it seems that this collection is full of chunky glitter and deep colors. No thanks.

In another hand, Shu Uemura is also having a start related collection and I like it much better than Lunasol.
Tsumori Chisato (No clue who this woman is) collaborates with Shu Uemura on the Little Prince collection! Can I say it's simply dreamy?
The lipsticks look so cute at first sight (now I think the plastic looks a bit cheap. )

Not really an limited edition item, but I think I am lemming one of Shu Uemura's most pupular items:
Shu Uemura Glow on Blush (Their official website got some amazing product pictures!) in Pink 33 e. I have heard people rave about this blush from a forum for well over a year about how it looks like the petal of cherry blossom but I just thought it was alright until...I saw that Snowkei looks so darn pretty wearing it!

I think that's about it, I don't feel that I want-so-much-that-I-need anything from any of the collections but I do wonder what Wet n Wild will come up with for the Halloween collection (last year they had some super cool and fake lashes) as well as their nail polishes. (I wonder if it can get better than Chrome and Craze Collection from summer?)

So what about you? Anything you found interesting for the season?


  1. I love the Bobbi Brown promo images for their collections, but I never bought anything from them before. Black lipstick seems too scary... D: I really liked how Shu Uemura's tribal looking collection looked.

  2. I am intrigued with MAC's new collection, but not the black lippie :)

  3. Smiley13tree:
    You mean the Ivy League one? (I serisouly doubt anybody in those school dress up like that model on the poster...All I know it's they wear sweatpants and...glasses...I guess I only know the geeks.)

    But that forest green gel liner is pretty though...

    The chances of me wearing any lipstick (any at all) in public is zero so black is pretty much as scary as pink or beige for me. (Only more interesting if I want to scare my next door neighbor.)

  4. Thanks for the update on these collections! I'm never up to date on these particular things.. as I don't really know where to go to search them up hahaha. I'm lemming for the Dior Night Butterfly Quintet.. but after seeing it at Sephora (though all battered up my use) I'm not so sure.. =\

  5. Natalie:
    Those Dior limited edition palette are indeed quite pretty but (consider I never dig in with grace) so palette like that would become ugly the moment I dip in...that's why I am never a big fan of actually buying those.

    Then again, how often I buy Dior anyway. (like once a year?)


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