Monday, August 03, 2009

10 of my favorite American junk food

Totally random post just because I saw a random guy feeding Pringle to a squirrel. So here are my 10 favorite American junk food (Which apparently I am eating as if they are real food.)

1. Pringle Potato chips

2. Gatorade- Over priced water (or just a clean version of sweats.) Totally not worth it but I love how it's look so cool in blue as well as the slightly sweet taste.

3. Jello- The jelly/pudding in Asia is far superior (I have to say, Japan got some awesome milk pudding) than the American ones, but I love how jell-o look when there are fruits inside.

4. McDonalds French fries- My tried and true favorite fries. I think they might have an intention to make people obese though, as the small one is $0.99 and the medium sized is...$1.00.

5. Jack in the box Sirloin Stick and egg burritos -Now it's more like egg and where-is-the-beef burrito.

6. Chick fil A chicken sandwich- I was pretty obsessed for the last three days, I think I am getting sick of it.

7. Wendy's Chicken Caesar Salad- Well, the moment you add that humongous pouch ofdressing, it becomes junk food.

8. McDonald Hot Fudge Sundae: I have been loving this ever since I was in elementary school.

9. Croissant - Love the texture although it's not really American. (Come on, people call chip "French" fries in here anyway.)

10. Dr. Pepper- I was quite addicted to it for some while, I remember the dead week last year (week before final exams) I drank 4 bottles of 1.5L Dr.Pepper, as if they are water.

It's actually quite difficult to come up with 10 since most of the food taste pretty...OK for me. (Well, if I include stuff from Asian market, this would be much longer.)

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  1. Make a list with the Asian market food! I only like Gatorade after a run, mm, tastes a lot better then. French fries!! I don't get why some people are like "Ew, I hate McDonalds." They're fries are SOOO good. :] I get the large and share it haha.


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