Friday, July 24, 2009

Where to cheap out?

I actually don't like shopping at Wal-mart all that much, yeah, the overall price is about the cheapest...but since their price is relatively low to start with, they never have huge discount you get from the other drugstores. Anyway, I don't like the environment to start with.

The price range is around the same as Walmart but sometime they have sale that are a little more exciting and I really like those clearance items (with red stickers) because I can literally spend a dollar and get something that's normally 7 bucks.

Grocery Store (Void outside cowboy state, sorry. )
One of my favorite place to stock up on craps I don't need. Not only the retail price is as cheap as that of Wal-mart and Target, they also have weekly price slash like $3 dollars off any Revlon or $2 off any Almay (I like the mascara)...Not to mention they have some random promotion like buy a Sally Hansen polish and get a binder or buy Maybeline mascara get a free bag of tortilla chips...

The normal retail price is relatively expensive but sometime they have that kind of buy one get one 50% off promotion (still expensive since I never want a 2nd item anyway) ...But the good part is that, they do have BOGO sale and one in a while they chop off quite a bit and give extra bucks (several dollars off toward your next purchase) and all other types of coupons. Don't forget CVS carries more food and drink than Walgreen. ( I blame my stained teeth on CVS. )

The bad part, is that they kind of keep tracking with your buying habit with that membership card (So they will print out coupon for stuff you are likely to buy in the future) . Since it benefits me as well so I don't really care.

My preferred drugstore, not only the retail price is slightly lower than CVS, they offer more BOGO sale than CVS on brands that are already dirt cheap (Wet n Wild, Jane which are actually not available in CVS) . Sometime, there are sales like 40% off any Sally Hansen or Neutrogena while CVS gives only gives BOGO for 50% off (It's like only 25% off, and you have to buy 2 items.)

Big Lots
They has a lot of random crap, most of the time the items look like some overstock (or ancient stock) from drugstore but sometime you will be able to find some new stuff with a really nice price. I love to buy sports drink(although I never work out) floss nail clippers and nail files there as well as glasses repair kits (I squash my glasses all the time.)

Discount Stores like Marshall, TJ-maxx and Ross
Sometime you can find pretty good deal like 8 Dollars juicy tubes or 6 dollars Clarins lip gloss, but it's really all about luck since there are always some nasty people who open up and test out products there. I hate those kind of people because if they don't like the products, they will just leave the used one there if they like the product, they will still leave the used one there and pick the brand new and buy that. (Which pisses the crap out of me so I hate shopping in those place...Well, I don't like the ambiance that much either.)

All you need to do is figuring out when they get new stock, which is always a certain day of the week. But I shop whenever I feel like it...

Never been to one but I bet the environment would be similar to discount store anyway. I don't really care about purses, clothes or shoes all that much actually.

Most of the time I go the actual store to pick up Shiseido sunscreen and cleanser. I also waste a lot of time swatching eyeshadow (arm only because I am too anal to use any tester on my face) and not buying anything because I am too cheap.

Ok, I just like to go to their website and search "sale" and see what kind of good deal they offer that are not available in store. I also like to dig up value set and coupon code stuff like that.

Victoria's Secret
I am not a big fan of their bras (not that comfortable and the padding squeezes way too much) or their clothing (OMG on models and WTH in real life) , their pink collection is cute for some clothes but I don't want to wear the same thing as those sorority sisters.

Anyway, if you ever buy stuff from their catelogue , they will attack your e-mail and mail box with mega spam...sometime you get those $20 off online purchase code(which is like $10 off with free shipping) or those $10 off coupon where you can use in the store.

Stila Cosmetics
Every summer and winter, Stila's official site will have some kind of promotion going on like value set or free shipping one stuff over $30. (Or free shipping with any purchase) Or if you read beauty blog, you can find promo code given by those weekly Stila girl that gives you 20% discount plus free shipping over 30 bucks, I have seen people who paid 32 bucks for that precious pearl palette.

Anyway, I use those discount to buy their brushes (awesome stuff that are underrated) though.

Beauty Crunch
They are nice people but tell you the truth, I am actually not that happy with this site, for some reason, I have received eyeshadow that looks used, bronzer with pan that fell off and totally wrong stuff...

Bobbi Brown
Insignificant discount, boring brand. (Not a good toy material.)

The discount are similar to that of Bobbi Brown and I truly don't get one of their brush set consist of four full sized brush (the price is equal to to total of those four brushes, OK, why don't I just get the one I want?)

I just go to the MAC counter at a mall, at least I think the associates are pretty nice.

Eeeeek Bay
I think I need a separate post just for that.


  1. Hahaha, you're too funny... I'm looking forward to that ebay post!

  2. LOL I prefer Tarjay over Walmart because I'm scared of those greeters at Walmart.

    Tarjay also has Boots No. 7 there that I really like.

    I never, ever buy cosmetics at grocery stores. They never seem to have any cosmetics that are on sale and the displays looks a bit dusty like no one ever goes in the cosmetics aisle or something.

    As for TJMaxx and Ross, ugh, what the frick are people's problems opening up those cosmetics? I tried searching for cosmetics there a few times and all of them were opened and missing items. Not even worth it. Yeah, I'm going to pay 6.99 for a NARS lipgloss set with only 4 out of the 6 missing? How is that fair? Haha.

    I loved this post.

  3. Not to mention Beauty Crunch's shipping is like $10. I never want to shop there. I like Victoria's Secret bras, some of them aren't that padded. But their PINK line is pretty boring.
    I totally agree with you on the discount store thing. I never get the change to buy anything because it's too gross by the time I see it. Very good deals sometimes though.

  4. What an informative post! I love Target and Walgreens, too!

  5. Smmmitten:
    You might have to wait for a while because I usually wait 2 months after I finish writing before I feel like posting anything up.

    I haven't even start the draft about eeekbay yet.

    I don't remember about the greeters (but I remember those girls scout cookies people) but
    there is one girl/woman in a grocery store who barge in an "do you need help, ma'am" every time I visit...It has been a year already and she still bugs me all the time so I stopped shopping at that brand anymore.
    That shipping is a big turn off for me as well...Overall Stila website has a better deal and newer stock.
    A View from the Edge:

    Walgreen and Target have very nice discount...I still prefer CVS because they are actually really close from where I live.


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