Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Blush in Barely Peach

I saw these Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Blush a while ago, being somewhat expensive ($4 for Wet n Wild is expensive, Ok?) I never wanted to try it. But the sale finally came and I was able to grab this blush in Barely Peach alone with an awesome lip gloss for 4 bucks.

Despite the somewhat ugly packaging (Wet n Wild is never pretty to start with but they have some crazy good stuff, a lot better than those L'Oreal hip crap which retails for more than 8 dollars...I mean, for that price, why don't you get MAC instead of a drugstore copy cat?)

The design is actually pretty clever. There is another double lid inside in which the top lid has tentacles to completely seal the part with holes (I don't think I am making much sense here...) so the powder don't fly around like those Bare Escentual ones.

A picture speaks a thousand words...Anyway, although I somewhat like the design, it's still a lot more time consuming than those pressed blush (or cheek stain) that why I don't like loosed blush or shadow to start with.

With each shake, the sifter lets out a tiny amount of blush that's enough for one side of cheeks( at least) and I usually just pour it onto the lid then dip in with my stila #21 for an even blusher application.

Now here comes the color.
The color of Barely Peach is strictly more of a peachy-pink but all coral /peachy pink blush look peachy on my face anyway...The best part about the color is that peach is the color of my cheek when I was a little it turns out that Wet n Wild is my ultimate blush of youth. ( I will totally use it all the time when I have time to shake and dust.)

You will love this blush if you...
1. like peachy blush
2.don't mind using loose blush
3.your nails are long enough to open this
4.don't mind ugly packaging
5.or shelling out 4 bucks
6.Or get it alone with the lip gloss, it's awesome matte color
8.don't mind the fact that it's made in China
9. If you really mind that, you might as well be naked right now...


  1. Thanks for this post. I'm always looking for a good deal. I'm going to try it now!

  2. i love peachy tone blushes..definitely gonna have to try this. Thanks for the review!

  3. I think I like the packaging. Looks so sturdy and simple. I do think loose blushes are annoying to use though. ><

  4. I have this in pinched pink and i love it! But I don't tend to reach for it much, like you said, because it's more time consuming.

  5. sounds good! the packaging's not that bad.. just the printed text making it unattractive.

  6. Thanks for the review. This sounds great, I love peachy tond blushes.

  7. I don't know if you do tags, but I tagged on my blog! :)


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