Friday, July 03, 2009

Wet n Wild Speed Shine Untamed

New lip gloss from Wet n Wild, and as expected, the stuff is pretty good.
Speed Shine Glosses from Wet n Wild are relatively new as they just came out this spring. At first glance the whole lineup is quite bright and gaudy but never judge a book base on its cover.
Wet n Wild do come up with some nice stuff (with ugly packaging, but it's OK) so I decided to give the new glosses a try when I spotted a sale.

I mean, it's lip gloss (it's sheer) so unless it's some super glossy gooey one, it can't look ugly.

The gloss has quite a few chunky glitters, which scared me a bit at first. But the glitter doesn't show on lips at all and the Speed Shine has a really soft,watery/balm texture that feels very moisturizing once it's on.
There isn't that much color going on (at least it's not even as red as my natural lip color) it just managed to give a soft focus shine and a nice bit of moisture. It also softens up the finish when I use it with bright lip color like Lancome Satin Fuchsia.


  1. ooh must try! haven't really tried anything from wet n wild lately..thanks for the review!

  2. I saw these and they looked pretty interesting. I love moisturizing glosses.

  3. I love Wet n Wild but I don't like the packaging either. This on sounds good, thanks for the review.


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