Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm

I am not a big fan of Victoria's Secret: I don't like their price, brand slogan (woman need squeezing bras and wearing underpants that doesn't cover 1/8 of you butt to look sexy), the name (When I heard the name, the first thing pops out of my mind is Victoria Beckham.) and the general quality of their beauty related items (they just smell so strong as so cheap.)

In the other hand, I have been pretty interested in these Victoria's Secret soothing lip balm after seeing Dalenna's review (where you can get a grasp of the texture) so I grabbed two of these after I got some coupons from the mail.

Clear Shine:
A white balm (it's clear but once it's loaded on, there might be some slight toning down of the lip color) looks pretty much like plain Vaseline.
Sweet Sugar: Hot pink (has a tiniest bit of color once it's worn, actually it looks pretty much identical to clear shine when you look at it 2 inches away) with tiny shimmer that doesn't show at all.
For a simple looking tub of lip balm, these Victoria's Secret beauty rush lip balm has a surprisingly long list of ingredients, alcohol is among the chemicals (probably this is what gives it a cooling sensation.) The gloss is pretty light that even it looks solid and waxy when I first opened the tub, the balm melt really quickly once it's touched.

I picked up the two thinking that at least one would makes a nice evening balm (I think it's still too much chemical to be left overnight) and a tinted one would be nice if I want to have fun with some color (which barely exists in my case) Anyway, I seriously can't see the point getting two from this range as the difference in each other is pretty close to zero.

This is Sweet Sugar (hot pink one) on my lips, I like the soft shine it gives but there is barely any pigmentation to speak of as my lips are quite pigmented. (I am not going to bother swatch the clear one as it will look the same.)

The soft balm feels minty and comfortable and it gives a juicy /not vinyl shine once it's on the lips, but when I dig it with fingers, it seems a lot oilier/thicker than plain Vaseline and it does get very messy / oily when I try to rub it into my cuticle. Overall, nice product but nothing wow-worthy. Like the MAC tinted lip conditioner in Popster.

I am never a fan of MAC but this lip balm has the best texture ever!


  1. That thing has alcohol on?! unlike you, I like VS stuff but I definitely don´t want that anywhere near my lips... isn´t alcohol drying?

  2. The texture shown on her blog does look very nice!. I don't think VS is that bad. lol. Depends on what you buy. Clear lip balms bore me. I wish I had gotten a MAC one!

  3. both of them actually looks pretty good on you. especially the MAC one
    i'm not much of a Victoria's Secret fan neither. that packaging looks ok though, nice and simple.

  4. GS:
    Alchohol is supposed to be drying butI guess I loaded on so many stuff on my lips trough out the year so they are not that irritated now...but I wouldn't use alcohol on my skin though because it stings.

    I actually only like the packaging/scent/and texture of the tinted lip conditioner...the color is totally alright for me.

    Unless you are a package whore like me, getting one from the regular line will totally give you the same result, just minus the cute kitty head.

    I do like the hot pink jar it has (there use to be only clear one with the hot pink jar, now each of the jar is color coded...but why do they even bother adding color that doesn't show anyway.) Anyway, the hot pink one I have is a pain to open...I had to use kitchen knife *every time* I want to open now I just leave it alone and never bright it out.

  5. I felt bad I skipped the MAC liptint when I was in HK!!! I thought it does nothing on my lips!!! But now, i felt bad! LOL yours look great!!!!!

  6. i have the white one and its not drying at all i like it it is very moistureizing

  7. I on the other hand like VS, not so much their bra's, but their panties and sleepwear trouser is very nice, and I love their lip balm, in fact its all I use, its not too much of a colour and so far its the only lip balm that does not dry my lips..


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