Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Fight and Fade Acne Gel

I don't know what is with my skin or the marketing scheme by certain drugstore companies, whenever I found something cheap that I really like (Burt's Bees Lavender complexion mist, Nivea visage toner, Old Clairol shampoo...) they went ahead and discontinued it and replace the good stuff with crap. Anyway, the Clean & Clear pimple gel was one of those goodies they git rid off...

Anyway, I still get that occasional pimple so it's time to try something new. This time, it's from Neutrogena Rapid Clear Fight and Fade Acne gel.

Neutrogena rapid clear line is fairly new (I believed that it came out last year..maybe the year before?) line of zit zapper from the line, a dermatologist (note, not my dermatologist...just a colleague of my parent) once told me that their line is pretty decent for clearing out little zits on teenager...OK, I am not a teenager but when I asked her how can I stop those zits from booming out...She just told me "wait for your puberty to end..."

The consistency of this gel is quite running that it was very easily to squint out a bunch of those by mistake, the liquid also flows out by itself without any squeezing. There is a slight orange color but it's more or less clear and since I only use it in the evening, there is not much to be worried about.

As for fighting, I don't think it's helps that much because it stings (It also stinks...like a particular brand of Japnese super glue, which induced some childhood nightmares... ) pretty badly if I put it on raw pimple and instead of drying it out, the gel actually kind of aggravate more redness. But, it does fade though, I can see a that some of the dark acne marks turning pinkish after 1 or 2 nights of uses. (And if I go under sun a day after the mark turned pink, the mark will get dark again...)


  1. OOO! Thanks for the review.

    I use generic brand acne gel (like the CVS dupe of Clean and Clear Gel) and it works just as well and is usually a little cheaper :)

  2. Thanks for the review too. I wouldn't get this then. I'm just using the Bye Bye Blemish right now.

  3. Too bad. if this is the case then Persa Gel of Clean and Clear might be a better choice. I am still finding some ways to treat my acne before finally undergoing laser acne treatment NYC.


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