Friday, July 31, 2009

Japanese version of Twilight ,sort of.

The series is called 恋して悪魔 (romanji: Koishite Akuma ) Love Devil (Subtitle: vampire boy) and I found it a bit amusing to watch. (OK, I burst out laughing when I found out that Stephenie Meyers vampires get shiny under sun.)

If you are the kind of person who watch stuff just for the heck of pretty faces (This particular one belongs to Nakayama Yuma, a 15 year-old kid), you might like this one.

He is waiting for his fang to grow out in this frame and what's with his hair...

Reminds me of Kitaro.

Although he can't really play a thing (according to International brotherhood of classical geeks, the piece need to reach a certain difficulty before we consider it "music" or "something".) but he got pretty hands!
Since he is scared of sun (along with cross and garlic), he carries a parasol with him at all time. (Including evening.)

Anyway, it's gets a bit weird that he falls for the homeroom teachers (who is 10 years older than him), played by Kato Rosa, an Italian/Japanese the way, is it just me or the kid looks a bit causasian as well? Anyway, I wanted to be a halfie so badly when I was a kid but right now I think pure blood is the way to go...( Sheesh I sounds like Malfoy.)

Teh older Vampire guy actually wears cape in the public...This drama is totally a comedy.

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  1. Hahaha! Malfoy! xD His hair looks sooo weird in that first photo!!


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