Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stila Allover Shimmer

The allover shimmer comes in a little sifter jar and it would be somewhat difficult to work with unless you have have the #19 brush. But the shadow itself is quite pretty and silky, just like the other stila shadow out there.

It's just as good as the other Stila shadow and it gives a nice wet sheen when used as an allover wash.


  1. I've tried these before!! I liked the fine shimmers but found them to be rather sheer as shadows, but they worked pretty well as a cheek highlighter applied lightly!

  2. It's so cute! Did you buy this online? I never see these at Sephora.

  3. Hi Audrie:
    I use this particular shade as shadow once, the color is a bit coppery and it looked weird on my skin at that time, which was somewhat pasty.

    At this doubt moment, I don't want anything shimmer on my cheekbone since they are quite chubby...(I mean, women cheek bone are technically fat instead of "bones"...)


    I think more than a year ago, this was available on Stila's official website (and on sale) so I got it just for the heck.

    Sephora doesn't carry much stila actually, like some of the eyeshadow pans...


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