Monday, June 01, 2009

Smith Rosebud Salve is Just Vaseline

Smith Rosebud Lip Balm- It's a glorified Vaseline, but I like Vaseline but find plain Vaseline too boring, so I like this stuff. It does moisturizes well during the night and I can rub the stuff into my cuticles when I use a finger to apply it (I use lip brush most of the time though).

I had (and finished up) the minted version of this balm and liked that quite a bit. I waned a change so got this instead when I ran out of that one. The color is less bright and the rose scent is a lot heavier, it still does the job nicely but I prefer the minted one because the texture seems a lot lighter and the scent is much more agreeable.

Vaseline-My to go miracle cream. I am blessed with a god damn sensitive skin that act up with with most moisturizers out there, but when it comes to something simple, it will be fine. I use it as an under eye moisturizer (some time I mix it with some Camellia oil) , cuticle cream, hand cream, to tame my brow...

I think this stuff is awesome no wonder it's always #1 on that Japanese Cosme ranking thingy...

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  1. The minted rose one smells horrible to me, very much like a Chinese bug ointment I use in the summer


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