Friday, June 26, 2009

Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Eye Cream

I hate to admit, but I am not as young as I used to be (Well, duh.) and those fine lines started to find their way under my eyes and making me look like a zombie. ( Back in the old days, I only looked like a raccoon.) I thought those countless classes I snored through would help, apparently they don't.

So I need to rely on something else, auntie brand Estee Lauder.

The Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Eye cream is not tiny but small (eye cream tubs are never big to start with) with a Ok looking tub. By the way, have you ever seen those little night cream tubs from Anna Sui? It's so pretty! (The stuff inside is pretty much garbage.)

The scent free cream is in a gel-cream texture that get's absorbed quite well and feels really light. And that's it: I can't feel how multi-level the moisturize is. Maybe this stuff has an extra dimension built within but unfortunately I don't even have a four dimensional space handy nor I am a string theorist who can envision N-th dimension. Anyway, I can't really tell what this stuff does beside sinking in.

Screw it, I am going back to Clean & Clear.


  1. i have a sample of the Estee Lauder night repair eyecream and it's not so great either. I'm glad I got this stuff for free.

  2. LOL! I'd be shocked if I read you can feel the extra dimensions... xD


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