Thursday, June 04, 2009

Black Radiance Mineral Shimmers Eye Shadow Liner

I have always been interested in some drugstore brand designed for people with darker skin tone, since the pigmentation generally has to be very good to at least show up some some chocolate colored skin. Black Radiance is one of those brands and just like how I always shop, I get an item with (remotely) cute packaging.

I managed to grab a Black Radiance Mineral Shimmer Shadow Liner in Radiant Gold. While most drugstore loose power shadow have very crappy packaging but this one actually looks very tough and feels quite substantial and solid with a thick bottle and rubber-plastic cap.

Just like gazillion other high/low end brand out there, they call it "mineral" just for the heck of it since the ingredients looks as natural as Michael Jackson. It actually a good thing for me since most (if not all) organic makeup are kind of bad in quality.

The applicator is a still ball. How are you supposed to line your eyes or apply shadow with this? Anyway, the shadow powder is nice and pigmented, the gold flecks vary slightly in size so it creates a nice dimension. It doesn't stay on skin by itself so a base is necessary.

The gold is a bit on the warm side so it doesn't look that good spread out as a shadow for me, but with a nice flat eyeliner brush, it's pretty neat when layered on top of a liquid or gel liner at least. (picking a right brush for this is another problem) Anyway, gold look weird on my skin so I think I will just stick with something coppery.

Overall, the loose powder is nice, but it definitely doesn't worth the 5 bucks. (You might as well just buy a Wet n Wild i-sparkle quad and use the gold as liner)


  1. Haha. I like your Michael Jackson analogy. I haven't found that "natural" products are good at all. Just a gimmick I should think. The color is really nice though, and the packaing is cute.

  2. I'm kinda feeling this shadow. That brand is hard to find in my neck of the woods, though.

  3. Hahahahahaha as natural as Michael Jackson!! Your best one yet! xD

  4. Smiley13tree and Fuz:
    I was about to use "Pamela Anderson's boobies" but I figured out I might have use it before somewhere in this blog...


    Yeah, the brand is kind of hard to come by in my area as well, which is somewhat big least it's quite urbanized...(I just saw one or two items popping up in my local Walgreens. And I (think I) saw it in Walmart the last time I made the visit (more than a year ago) but I don't like Walmart that much since the price there are low to start with, so they never have those super price slashes like other drugstore or grocery store...

  5. lol on lining your eyes with a ball! I am seeing a lot of these and I don't understand why the applicator was made that way too! :)


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