Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bed Head Shampoo Dumb Blonde

Dumb Blond shampoo, according to the the bottle, can be used by "dumb blonds", racy redhead as well as buxom brunette. My hair is brown but since the three words (blond, brunette and redhead) are white women exclusive anyway, so I just call it "black" when it kind of brown ...

And you know, I am too lazy for coloring or highlight (I don't even own a blow drier as a matter of fact) but it doesn't stop me from getting this. The shampoo smells pretty yummy and has a creamy texture. It's free of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (now I know why my hair always gets itchy after a day.) and the formula is creamy enough that I can get away with not using conditioner (I rarely use conditioner because I don't like lingering scents/I am too lazy so I always had to break the tangle by force after each washing.)

It's a neat shampoo that gets the job done and it has a thicker consistency that most drugstore shampoo I have tried so it's not really expensive when the price is broken down. I think I will try the other ones Tigi (So it's so random, this brand is called Bed Head and Tigi, both are trade maked...) carries.


  1. My shampoo XD!
    Lol, I was a bit shocked, but thanks for the review :).
    I do need conditioner ;), but that's probably due to all the torture I put my poor hair through (bleaching from almost black to blonde, living in a sunny country etc.).
    The Dumb Blonde conditioner/mask is really good too :).

  2. Hi Cris:

    I will keep that in mind, it's just most of the time I use up conditioner 1/5 of the rate I am using up takes too long to apply-wait-rinse...

  3. LOL! Can be used for dumb blondes... What about dumb blacks?

  4. Try the brunette goddess conditioner, it's amazing!! but try not to eat it, since it smells yummy.


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