Friday, May 01, 2009

Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Poppy Glaze

See how much I used after 2 weeks? This stuff is pretty neat.

Wet n Wild glassy gloss isn't actually that glassy (glassy lip gloss make my lip look shapeless and scarily huge.) It's gives a glossy and watery shine yet still hug the natural contour of my lips the bright fuchsia color is actually very flattering on the lips, it's a wearable your lips but better shade.

So my lips look naturally watery and get slightly tinted as well. It's a pretty good gloss for less than 3 dollars but the scent is a tad bit too strong (like a bubble gum overload) and the words on the packaging get rubbed off after I kept/abused it for a while, which kind of bothers me.


  1. By the way.. i alost chocked on my coffe when i read your fyi section.. the stuff about hair color (to politically correct) lol!

    That gloss looks so watery.. i guess its perfect for days that hair is tied back and cant drag through it!

  2. ooh wow..but scent overload? no thanks :P

  3. Aw I wouldn't like bubble gum scent! :/

  4. This looks really pretty but I don't think I'd like the scent.


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