Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wet n Wild Beauty Benefits Mint Infusions Lip Tints

I finally gave in ...and got this(it costs $6 and rarely go on sale, so it was one of the more expensive drugstore glosses I have) Wet n Wild Beauty Benefits Mint Infusions Lip Tint.

The gloss comes with a sturdy plastic box with seal on it, so there is no way you will get a tampered products. Wet n Wild products are generally packaged in an ugly way, but the Beauty Benefits one are pretty nice actually.

At the back, you can see that the lip gloss is equipped with UVA/UVB sunscreen, which is pretty nice. (Unlike that stupid Revlon gloss which only has octinoxate...which is good enough to prevent "taning", and do lips tan?)

There are three shades available, of course I picked the one in fuchsia, Cherry Mint.

The tube is not very big compared to those MAC lip gelee, old version of Diorkiss or Juicy Tubes...there is only 9 grams of products in it...But I think it will be alright...Until I opened the cap....

Is it me or that's just wrong? They sealed the thing so nobody will know the color on the tube is just a layer of plastic!Well, maybe transparent plastic is expensive and the shade would still be cherry?
Nope, this gloss is in a peachy nude shade ...

But this looks kind of nice though. It has a watery shine and tones down my red lip (most peachy gloss look like cool pink because they can't overpower the red...and cool pink gloss make me look sick...) I love the soft gel texture with minty cent and give that slight minty tingling sensation ...It's feels so light and comfortable, I could see myself using it all summer.

There might be some floating pigment problem but who look that close anyway?

Overall, a bit "bleh" but I like the texture and the slight minty feel it gives. (No repurchase because is a bit expensive and it's a liar-product.)


  1. I've never seen these before! It looks pretty on you :)

  2. I think it looks quite nice too. It makes your lips really plump!

  3. Trisha:
    They don't have the beauty benefit line in the drugstore, just in a local grocery store here...I think the quality of these are better than the normal wet n wild. But the packaging quality still sucks, I had compact blush that broke within a month.

    I think it's becuase I applied a bit too much to show the peachy-ness. (But it still looks more pink..bummer...)

  4. I sense you love tube glosses... ahahaha. You seem to have a lot of them!

  5. now now, there's just so much glosses out there it really gets confusing! :)

  6. fuz:
    Yeah, I like squeegee tubes better than those with an applicator because there is generally more product in it and it takes the least amount of time to put those on...(not to mention they don't go bad as easily)

    But I think I have a butt load of glosses in general.(It's nobody's fault but my own...)
    *Sigh* I need to stop buying lip gloss...Maybe I should shift my attention to eyeshadow again...

    But my skill sucks too much...

  7. OK, that's cheating >:-/...Seriously. Agree about the 'liar product', I wouldn't repurchase either :-/.

  8. Do you know where I can buy it online? They don't sell it anywhere near where I live. I've been looking at websites but can't seem to order it anywhere.

  9. Hi There:

    I Google several places and I couldn't find it anywhere actually. Even in our local grocery store it seems that they are pulling out that particular lip gloss range...


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