Wednesday, May 20, 2009

High Definition...Nail Polishes?

No, it's actually Hi-Definition...Sally Hansen is sure good at giving cool names to the junks.

The new line of Sally Hansen Nail Color called Hi-Definition with a nice rainbow of color selection. They might look pretty fresh and new, but the bottle design is actually exactly the same as those Diamond Strength nail color, minus the fake plastic diamond...

The cool shades, I think they are actually really pretty. I never wore green polish before (or a green eyeshadow outside my room) because I have way too much green stuff already, like I am wearing a deep green hoodies, a leaf green bag, carry a green wallet...Anymore green would make me look like an asparagus...

I might pick up pixel pretty if the review is good enough. I mean, they are not limited edition. (I have had an navy LE polish from Sally Hansen, it sucks so much, a lot worse than their normal line...Which isn't that good to start with IMO.)

The warm shades. I am OK with them...most of the shades are quite standard. But I am curious about yellow. I always think that yellow is too warm for me but I have tried gold nail polish and it looks alright...
Hopefully the pigmentation is not as "lite" as the name.

Each bottle of these HD polishes is around 4-5 dollars, it's a bit expensive consider I don't even like the nail color from Sally Hansen. I also hate the plastic label, since I have a sweaty palms and a tendency to peel thing off, be it sticker label on bottles or scab...


  1. These remind me of Easter Egg dyes :-/. They're too fluorescent...

  2. Haha asparagus! Some of the colors, I gotta admit, scare me...

  3. The colors look very pretty!

  4. Hello, I really enjoy reading your blog! Speaking on these polishes, they look pretty 'eeh' for 4-5 bucks, yikes. I wish I could find some pretty coral/salmon colored polishes.. the only one I have is by Pure Ice, called "Twinkle". I wish more unusual shades like it would pop out. :/

  5. the colors are super vibrant and pretty!!!!

  6. Haha, i agree Sally hansen nail polishes suck...yet, everytime you see the kind of pulls you in and then you pay $4-5 for crap. NEVER AGAIN. Wet n Wild kicks their ass!

  7. Hi there:
    Those are words of wisdom you just


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