Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amuse Cafe Chocolate Lip Gloss

Now I like lip gloss in ugly packaging?

This Amuse lip gloss came as a freebie with my wall-of-shame-worthy NYX brush purchase. (Yes, I am a bitter person) The package looks a tad bit ugly and I was ready to gag the moment I opened the tube...

Well, I didn't. The mocha chocolate scented is a bit over powering for me (Some people think Stila glosses smell nice, but they get on my nerve.) but nothing unbearable. The gloss is in a shade of mauve and it does look mauve on the back of my hand. (See the #14 on my swatch fist?) but I could not find the name of the shade anywhere on the tube...

Now I am ready to bash the gaudy, auntie color...

Gosh, this gloss is really pretty on the lips! It's very pigmented mauve pink that looks fuchsia on me...there is a butt load of shimmer but I swear it doesn't look cheap! (L'Oreal Colour Juice does btw.)

The gloss isn't really light as air, but it's not as sticky as MAC or Stila lip gloss, it actually feels pretty light compare to juicy tubes...The color lasts for around an hour or two...Which is quite decent for a gloss already...

I don't know if Cherry Culture is still giving this out but it's a dollar anyway. (Just don't ask me what shade it is...I don't know and couldn't find out with their "accurate" swatch.)


  1. It's very pretty!! I love coffee!!

  2. wow..super shimmery and pretty! love it!

  3. LOL.
    This is why I love this blog, it's always so sarcastic-lol-honest ;D ^_^.
    It's not that ugly :-P...The packaging, I mean. The gloss looks surprisingly pretty, considering that it came with those horrible brushes...
    At least something was good in that lot ;).

  4. That is a gorgeous color, I love it!


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