Friday, April 24, 2009

Tigi Shining Serum Girl Toy

I try to be a rational shopper but brain death moment just comes once in a while, the purchase of this Tigi hair serum is one of those.

But this is such a cute little pump bottle, the green and turquoise combo just reminds me of ...some of my favorite underpants. (I don't care what I wear outside that much but I need comfortable and cute undergarments.) And this bottle is so cute and tiny! (Rip-off point #2 beside the $16 price tag.)

So, here you go. I took this Tigi Bed Head Girl Toy serum home.

It has a artificial lime scent, and there is truly nothing special about it , like all serums , this
1.doesn't do anything if I am chicken
2.give a nice shine when I use the right amount, which is time consuming to achieve
3.Give me a whole head of grease (and make me feel like Severus Snape for a whole day) when I use too much...

The serum has a surprisingly short ingredient list and silicone is the main ingredient. I personally hate the product that build up and weight down, dull my hair over time...and that's the main reason I don't like to use hair serum.

This is truly a Girl Toy...I feel like pouring the whole thing away and fill in something else, like jojoba oil...I don't think it makes that big of a difference when it comes to shine serums (especially I don't even use them, come on,90% of the time I am even too lazy to use conditioner!) they just coat the surface of the hair with stuff like oil or silicone and make the surface seems smooth...Nothing will repair broken/damaged hair since hair is dead to start with.


  1. thanks for the review! Now I know to stay away :P

  2. Hey, I think I might like to feel like Severus Snape once in a while! I've looked at those cute bottles when shopping, but never actually bought one. Guess that's a good thing. It's really easy to make my hair icky and flat.

  3. Hi Audrie:

    I remeber you said that you are a grammar (spelling also?) Nazi...I wonder how many "grrrrr" you've left out when you see the post...Haha

    It's nice that your are quite rational...I was in the store going " How cute! " and the next thing I know is coming home with this piece of too-cute-to-throw-away, too-crappy-to-use thing...

    My hair gets flat very easily as well, as it doesn't help that my hair hair is very Snape-like as well, center part shoulder length black hair...


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