Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tarte Flat Eyeliner Brush

I got this from a Makeupalley swap (gotta find new home for the Bourjois shadows before I step on all of them, currently I've accidentally crashes 2 Bourjois blushers and one shadow.) And this Tarte little brush is actually pretty nice.

It's soft at the tip and firm at the body. With a light hand, it's perfect for tight lining with eye shadow. (If Stila #13 is too poky for you) Adding a little more force, it's a great smudge brush for smaller areas as well. The shimmering pink plastic (the new generation of the brush has lilac handles) handle feel very solid and it's quite long wearing.

My souvenir of first swap. A no brand kabuki brush. It doesn't look that bad (Come on, the Maybeline gloss is purely garbage yet my picture looks kind of cool.) in the picture but it's very flimsy, worn and beaten up that I would even feel sorry for my camera if I use it as a duster. Of course, I threw it in the garbage right away after taking the picture...

Is it even legal to put trash up for swap?


  1. Hahaha!! You'd feel sorry for your camera, you're too funny girl. That kabuki looks very... interesting, haha.

  2. Hi Fuz:
    Consider the star treatment my camera is having (I use Anna Sui blotting paper as a duster) I think it will act up if I use that damn thing to dust it...

    But again, I've gotten enough duster already...


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