Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment in Radiant

Tell you the truth, this reminds me the red DiorKiss Gloss I had (and that's not really a good thing) a pretty awkward shade, while is not categorized as true red lip color that gives a classy and polished (or you prefer the sassy and seductive) look. It's not a lip gloss that gives you a pop of color, juicy finish that you can wear under the sun either...

The texture is a bit on the awkward side: while it is not really a creamy gloss, it' as not as light as a stain either, just a thin layer of color sitting there (thanks to the doe-foot applicator I have to dip and re-dip then re-dip...just to get enough to spread on the whole lips...)And the effect.

Looks alright? But let's take a close-up...

The red got stuck in my lip lines and makes it look like I am bleeding...and may I say this looks so bloody natural...

I am saving this for the Halloween...Seriously, have you seen a more natural bloody lip gloss than this? Sally Hansen, you certainly are a genius.

As for the effect on smile brightening? I was so impressed by the bleeding effect that I haven't noticed anything about my teeth, beside they got stained...


  1. oh that sucks! It would look quite creepy if you wore it out normally.

  2. LOL sorry, I can't help it! that is too funny about giving you a naturally bleeding lips! wow..they should sell it for halloween!!! :) Gosh, it does look like blood though! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. WOW! I just purchased this product for only a $1 in *Brilliant*. I reallly like the color sort of plumish/fushia, but like you said" NO GOOD for the false advertisement on the bright smiles...EPIC FAILURE!


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